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"Let's Work Together"
by Canned Heat
#AprilMusicChallenge ( a song from my first gig. )

I didn't actually see Canned Heat for my first gig.
....It was 'Bread' ( with David Gates)
The funny thing was that I didn't even like their music and neither did any of my 5 schoolmates who accompanied me!

It was a Friday afternoon in class in 1970 and our little gang all decided it was high time we lost our "Gig-Virgin" status.
.....and being very excitable , impatient and all only just turned 15, it just "had" to be THAT VERY NIGHT!
Looking through the ads, the only band we could find that was cheap ( 50p a ticket! )... wasn't sold out and was near enough to get home from before our parents went beserk was .......Bread.

We were all listening to Led Zep, Jimi & Black Sabbath at the time but shit, it was a GIG, wasn't it? A hell-raising , sex, drugs and rock n roll "happening" in a secret sleazy dungeon that would terrify our parents who read about these sordid things in the Sunday "News of the World"

Well, the fact that it turned out to be more akin to a respectable sober middle-class gathering, viewing an Ideal-Homes exhibition with the atmosphere of a Mormon's tea party was a huge disappointment but at LEAST the DJ played Canned Heat's latest groove before the band came on stage.
With whoops of joy we all went crazy and took over the place with our idiot dancing with what was the most memorable part of the whole evening for us.

The happy ending was that we all went to many. MANY more gigs in the next few months, including bands like The Who, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Frank Zappa and of course....... Canned Heat!.......

1970 - Liberty
Posted: 10th April 2019
David Carter
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