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I Can't Give Everything Away
by David Bowie
#SantasAlbums ( Album number 2 of 10 "BlackStar" )


Before going to bed last night, I decided that this very song, the final wistful song on "BlackStar" , would be my next post for this particular theme of mine. I got this album last week, along with a few others on Xmas gift vouchers. So they all qualify as Xmas gift albums in my mind & all will be featured in this series.
The only difference with my post now is the significance of its' meaning since this morning's announcement. Yes...'that' announcement.... Let's just say that I had to hide my face from my daughter when it broke.
His effect on my life of listening to music is immeasurable, from hearing "A space oddity" on the radio back in 1969 to seeing him live in Paris in the early 80s to being blown away by this very album only last week. This is the power of Art & music . To feel a 'connection' to someone you have never met purely on something they have created for your pleasure...and growing up , following that person, with your personal life event links to so many of their songs makes that 'connection' a bond strong enough as being defined by blood.......he was my family....that's how it felt when I heard that news this morning......

I will now just repeat the FaceBook message I posted this morning shortly after hearing the news........

.......The 'SHOCK'.......This has hit me harder than hearing of the deaths of any other Artist in my life time. This is probably because he remained so active & creative right up to the very end. I only bought this album on the day of its' release ( Friday the 8th...David's 69th Birthday ) album of staggering innovation and all of this has just added to the impact of the shock.

A true genius. Always ready to re-invent himself and one who was never content to preserve one image or one style of music. Even when his music wasn't at its strongest, it was still never boring.
The release of this final album ( a truly great album btw ) leading up to his death was a deliberate act of theatre and drama. Always the performer, always the Artist, right to the very end.
He will NEVER be forgotten and I think we should all consider ourselves lucky that we lived through his lifetime & years of creation.

.......The stars,...they will look a little different tonight.......
2016 - Sony Music - United Kingdom
Posted: 12th January 2016
David Carter
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