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*"........a hole to swallow me up"*..........

It was 2 or 3 years ago on a Saturday & I was told that I would have the house all to myself for several hours. (“YES!!! Hallelujah!!” =D)
My wife had barely reached the end of our path before I had a stack of CDs laid out on the floor all ready to hear…” Properly”!
Turning the volume up SO much until the walls appeared to visibly move, I began to …. let’s say, ‘immerse’ myself in the music. I had a bit too much energy to spare that day & so after a feast of punk, funk & rock ‘n’ roll, I reached for Fleetwood Mac’s “Live at The Boston Tea Party” & selected this track.
I pumped the volume up even more until it almost reached the pain-barrier and when I got to the duelling guitars bit at the 19-minute mark, I leapt up & frantically looked around me…” What can I use? WHAT can I USE???”
So, of course, I chose the ironing board to play guitar on…. yes, that’s right,…. a folded-up ironing board to use as my air-guitar (well, there were no tennis racquets or shovels lying around the lounge at the time) So there I was. Leaping around, doing histrionic poses with my head strained back, eyes scrunched tightly shut & pouting like a constipated baboon when I hit the high notes.
I ‘did’ have quite a lot of trouble trying to play the damn thing behind the back of my head though……

Throwing the thing down on the floor, the exact moment I went ‘totally’ bonkers & lost it was at 21:10…….
Now, I am not a natural head-banger. The last time I tried was as a teenager & I just got dizzy & fell over but I just ‘had’ to have another go as Peter Green hit some spectacularly brutal notes and so my head shook, shook & SHOOK….the tiny hair bristles on my head were flowing in the wind as I went into physical bodily spasms like an electrocuted rag doll…….
‘Suddenly’………... I had this weird ‘feeling’ that I was not alone……. I looked over and there was a delivery man at my window with a parcel for me. God knows how long he was there staring at me. My door bell wasn’t working & he was trying to attract my attention but with his eyes & mouth wide open, he appeared to forget exactly what he was there for as he watched me before I stopped abruptly & just stood like a rabbit in the headlights, completely frozen in shock with an expression pretty similar to my avatar here.
I felt hugely embarrassed as I sheepishly opened the door. I detected that the guy was holding his breath & biting his lip to prevent any unwarranted sniggering as I quickly scribbled my signature, followed by me slamming the door in his face to end my squirming angst as fast as possible. Once inside, I leaned with my back & head against the door & my eyes closed as I groaned “No, no, NO-OO!” …. while imaging what he thought of me. (Well, I ‘had’ just turned 60 at the time…….)


Anyway……This jam is a MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!
It’s over 24 minutes long & if anyone manages to listen to the whole thing then I would expect some of you to feel highly rewarded by the end.
It’s just thrilling!
Look! There’s a Danny Kirwan / Peter Green guitar stand-off challenge! (Green is in the right corner /speaker)
…….and then there’s an “Albatross”-style ‘idyllic South-Sea Island chill-out zone’ too, which had me reaching for my flippers, snorkel & turquoise & tangerine speedos
…and if THAT’s not enough, we have the mother of all rockin’/blues burn-outs including the part where I had my melt-down.

So just remember……if you DO get into this & you feel like going into a head-banging frenzy, DON’T do what I done!
Just REMEMBER to take precautions and lock all your doors & close the curtains before you start!..........
Live in Boston 1969
Posted: 19th February 2018
David Carter
Sometimes eccentric, sometimes a Love-God, sometimes a brain-dead shaven ape. Responsible for the seemingly never-ending #AnotherdebutchTale , yarns of woe, chaos & silliness with the occasional tear or two.
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