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by Galaxie 500
#ShoeGaze ( or maybe #DreamPop ? )

I remember seeing Galaxie 500 live in London in 1990, supported by 'Strait Jacket Fits'

It was a magical concert and it was performed in a pub!!!

Yes, the near legendary cult band , Galaxie 500 with Dean Wareham plus Damon & Naomi were for one night, a pub-Rock band!

I also remember being carried away on a fluffy cloud by their dreamy languid music & after 70/80 minutes they said goodnight & I was aching for more.
I could've listened to them all night long.....

****I just found out! ...... It was Sunday, the 11th February 1990 ( almost 29 years to the day!) in "The Camden Falcon" pub.
Apparently, Galaxie 500 were to support The Sundays that night but it was cancelled due to Harriet suffering from a sore throat and the pub gig was hastily scheduled instead for the band.
Sadly, they never did end up supporting The Sundays anywhere.
1990 - Rough Trade
Posted: 7th February 2019
David Carter
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