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The album, "Ghosteen".........Nick Cave has finally made his masterpiece......

**RIGHT!!!.......I just *had* to break off from "NoDudeVember for a couple of days to post this.....

Nick Cave's album " Ghosteen" was released yesterday and while listening , I have been deeply affected by it.

I guess some of you know the story of Nick's 15 year old son who died a couple of years ago in a tragic accident.
Well, this entire album has been his way of dealing with the perpetual pain he has suffered......a way of expressing "release"......a closure to a traumatic period of his life.

It isn't so much a collection of songs but more a series of 'textures'....of meditative drifts.
The pieces are half spoken, half sung, with a blanket of celestial orchestrations & harmonies to illuminate them.

It bleeds grief......

But it breathes a dimly-lit profound beauty too.

The entire album is a harrowing listen but is a peculiarly comforting one too.
Some of Nick's deeply personal & confessional words simply overwhelmed me at times.......paralysing my heart & consuming my soul to the point of it reaching an aching raw nakedness I have never experienced before from just simply listening to words and music.

"Ghosteen" is......quite simply, the most emotionally powerful album I have ever heard in my life........

(Lyrics to this song below)
Posted: 9th November 2019
David Carter
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