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"You'll Never Walk Alone"
by Nina Simone

A countdown of my 10 all-time favourite albums.

Number 4 ; "LITTLE GIRL BLUE" ( 1958 )

Nina Simone wasn't a notable songwriter as such.
To be truthful, even her voice isn't the greatest I've ever heard.

So what made her so special to me in a jaw-dropping way?.... was her INTERPRETATION and arrangement of songs,......and of course, her virtuosity on the piano, as heard here.

No one can evoke emotions in me as strongly as Nina.
She has made the earth move for me so many times, more often than not on this very album, her debut from 1958 that I treasure.

( I have posted this before about a year ago but I feel no need for excuses or apologies. I think this is worth posting again. )
1958 - Bethlehem
Posted: 22nd March 2019
David Carter
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