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"City Kids"
by Pink Fairies
GUTTED to hear of Larry Wallis's death on Thursday. :-(((

He was Motorhead's original guitarist & also played with UFO, Syd Barrett & The MC5's Wayne Kramer.

......but to me, he will *always* be the architect of The Pink Fairies' neglected classic album, " Kings of Oblivion" (as songwriter, guitarist & singer.)

A blistering Hard-Rock/Power-Pop LP with a Proto-Punk edge & this killer kicked the album off with a vengeance.

A track that packs such a punch.... ( and melodic too!)
I think It's a CRIME that it's not known world-wide as a Rock/Pop classic.

The Pink Fairies played a huge part in my mid-70s gig life too ( mainly at the Chalk Farm Roundhouse on Sunday afternoons )

......I'll remember you, Larry.

.....and I'll CERTAINLY remember the explosive impact of this riff which will forever erupt out of the open windows on the highway of my life.
1973 - Polydor
Posted: 22nd September 2019
David Carter
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