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A countdown of my 10 all-time favourite albums.

Number 5 ; "ROSELAND NYC LIVE" ( 1998 )

I very nearly included Portishead's second album in my rundown.
That Noir Masterpiece, simply entitled,"Portishead" ( 1997) in my opinion, somehow even managed to eclipse their fantastic debut,
("Dummy") from 1995.

.....but then I remembered their live album from a year later in 1998......

This just HAS to be one of the best sounding live recordings ever.
It includes most of the best tracks from their 2 albums and in several cases ( like this song ) even improved upon the original. ( imo)

The swelling strings adds SO much dynamic intensity to the original that it just pulsates with dark, sinister energy.
" Cowboys" is another that benefits from the strings ( just listen to THAT, too ) and ...oh...ALL of them are better!!

......and the concept of having grouped together, a full orchestra,..... a Rock / Trip-Hop band , electronic beats & effects ,.... a DJ scratching AND Beth Gibbons' magnificent doom-laden diva voice adds up to a spell-binding cocktail.

So yes, My all-time no. 5 album and also , my no. one live album.

****HAVE A LOOK AT THIS!!! >>>>>>

I only just discovered this darkly atmospheric & SEXY David Lynch-style video to go with the song.
1998 - Go! Discs London
Posted: 20th March 2019
David Carter
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