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Glastonbury Finale
by The Cure
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The party was almost over.

The faint glow of the defiant setting sun illuminated 70,000 faces in a crimson hue for a brief moment before the final band of the festival took the stage.
I took a deep breath & gazed at the figures before me.

The Cure are here......


When I got back home, Katie asked me what I thought of my first Glastonbury experience.
After pausing for a bit longer than I needed, I said it was one of the best weeks of my life.
"You're obviously going to go again then?" she said smiling.
" No, that's it. Just the once" I said.
She looked surprised and confused.

You see, it was all 'too' perfect. The glorious weather, the delightful company, the eclectic music and there were no problems at all for anyone in our gang for the entire week.
Any attempt to surpass or even re-create that ambience & experience would inevitably end in disappointment with the result of my golden memories being tarnished.
And WHAT memories they were.....

.......the rewards for our toil & sweat....the comeraderie...the laughter...the tears of joy...the spontaneity...the interaction with strangers...the ecstatic sunsets and the morning strolls...the surprises...the discovery...the return to nature....the community, the beautiful sunshine and finally, the VAST choices of live music , free to pursue at will.


The Cure began playing....
...the sound , with a 100 times more drama, depth & clarity than this puny recording you are now listening to.

......and 'those' vivid memories flooded my mind as "Pictures of you" took hold of me, elevating me above the crowd as I looked down and took in the spectre of this wonderland for one final time.
Chords of majesty & Gothic grandeur swept through my soul, entering every pore in my skin as I hovered and floated into a haven that was now my home. A place 'just like Heaven'.

The music was nearing its conclusion.
It was eternal. It cannot end.
The final flickering light reluctantly disappeared into the horizon as the night inevitably fell.

Don't go.........

The remaining verses echoed around the valley as the words insisted that "Boys don't cry"
"That's right, Robert. They don't" I thought as I gulped deeply and blinked hard.....

The applause exploded as I gently floated down to mother earth which rose to meet me, to consume a piece of my heart...and to lay forever beneath the grass of Somerset.


......One of the best weeks of my life.


Here is the full play-list.
Pick your favourite tune!

1:20 Plainsong
6:06 Pictures of you
13:22 High
17:00 A night like this
21:14 Love song
24:51 Last dance
29:45 Burn
36:22 Fascination street
41:20 Never enough
44:47 Push
49:24 Inbetween days
52:23 Just like Heaven
56:14 From the edge of the deep green sea
1:04:13 Play for today
1:08:15 A forest
1:15:12 Shake dog shake
1:19:46 Disintegration
1:30:24 Lullabye
1:35:12 The caterpillar
1:39:06 The walk
1:42:36 Friday I'm in love
1:46:38 Close to me
1:50:09 Why can't I be you?
1:53:40 Boys don't cry

Posted: 17th July 2019
David Carter
Sometimes eccentric, sometimes a Love-God, sometimes a brain-dead shaven ape. Responsible for the seemingly never-ending #AnotherdebutchTale , yarns of woe, chaos & silliness with the occasional tear or two.
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