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" Days" ( Live 1994)
by The Kinks

Simply................My favourite song.

Yes, I honour that title for this song and here it is played live beautifully ( despite the annoying audience noise) in The Kinks' final year as a functioning band.

I can just imagine myself at this gig, standing at the front centre, trying my damned hardest to absorb the majesty & glory of this song while hopelessly doing my best to cope with the massive lump in my throat & the out of control quivering bottom lip as a lifetime's worth of hazy memories engulf & overwhelm me.

.....and then there is "that" moment ( 1:55 ) ( turning the volume up at that point is essential )


if you were unfortunate enough to be with me at that point, I hope you would be kind enough to help me recover after you've just witnessed the meltdown, watching with horror & embarrassment as I completely fold up while bellowing out the lyrics before physically dissolving before your very eyes into an ungainly humanoid jelly onto the floor.

Take me to Heaven...........................

Posted: 15th February 2019
David Carter
Sometimes eccentric, sometimes a Love-God, sometimes a brain-dead shaven ape. Responsible for the seemingly never-ending #AnotherdebutchTale , yarns of woe, chaos & silliness with the occasional tear or two.
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