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#AprilMusicChallenge ( Day 17; Bedroom poster from my youth )

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"Water-closet Gate "

When I was 16, I had on my bedroom wall, a poster...of Frank Zappa sitting on the toilet. ( as seen above )

My mum would walk into my room with a "snarl" on her face as she looked at it.

....." When are you going to remove that disgusting *THING* from your wall?
I just can't BEAR looking at it! It's making me feel SICK!!!!" she howled.
"Aww mum! That's Frank Zappa." I whined theatrically
"He's making an important statement there. 'You' wouldn't understand!"
( I'm glad she didn't ask what that 'statement' was because I didn't have a clue!)

"Look" I said, trying to reason with her..., "He's a highly respected... serious... sensitive.......( searching for the superlative elucidation of the mould of his talent ) .......... SOPHISTICATED artist!!" I exclaimed in 'such' a sure way........... ( just as I turned up his song, "Stuff up yer crack" a little too loudly......)

I then began to usher her out of my room throughout the crashing din before closing the door on her while she was still talking & complaining on the landing , complimented by waving her arms around, Italian mama-style.

After enduring another 6 months of excruciating nagging over the poster, I knew I had reached the critical point of no return when my mum's eldest sister, Auntie Elsie ( born in 1897! True!!) visited us.
She was one of the loyal Billy Graham congregational brigade.
A celestial servant who spent most of her life in a church and when she wasn't, she was outside spreading "the word".

One day she seemed to suddenly have a senile moment when she got lost walking around our house in a confused state only to innocently wander into my room.
The next thing we heard was a blood -curdling shriek......
We all rushed upstairs to find Auntie Elsie sprawled on my bed, holding her breathless chest with one hand and her forehead with the other, shielding from my wall , her eyes which were rolling slightly at the time.
She began to moan incoherently....

......."ohhhhggggghhhhhh!" she gurgled.

...."uhhh.....that.......picture"........ she gasped, waving her gnarled finger accusingly at the bog-snap

"GET THAT POSTER DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!!!" my mum squawked, stabbing her finger forcefully at me.

Sheepishly, I done as I was told. I was then ordered by my still-smouldering mum to run down to the local shops for smelling salts for Auntie (and an extra large bottle of gin, too.)


Anyway, a week later, I was well pleased with my 'new' poster for my wall!

It was now early 1972 and displayed before me was the official poster for the newly released film that I had already seen 4 times ( "A Clockwork Orange" )

......yes, a giant-sized one!....
...featuring a collage of images including codpieces, close-up murderous mugshots, daggers, clamped eyeballs & contorted naked female forms.

"There!" I thought. " A tasteful work of art and not a toilet in sight.
I can't see her complaining about *this*!!!"

I'll let you guess what her reaction was ............

1966 - Verve
Posted: 17th April 2019
David Carter
Sometimes eccentric, sometimes a Love-God, sometimes a brain-dead shaven ape. Responsible for the seemingly never-ending #AnotherdebutchTale , yarns of woe, chaos & silliness with the occasional tear or two.
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