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A Taste of Glasto Latino
by The resident Glasto Latino Bands
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JAC , FROM OZ ( pictured above on the right ) may look to you like the kind of girl who likes spontaneous fun....... and you'd be right!
On the very first night at Glastonbury , she persuaded us all ( my daughter Kate, Leah from L.A. & myself ) to attend the "Glasto Latino" tent and it was absolutely brilliant!!

This post is not a song but an introduction to the tent to give you an idea of what we experienced.....

We walked into a cauldron of energy, crackling atmosphere & hot, HOT music, provided by some of the best bands from Cuba & Colombia.
There were professional dancers there giving mass Salsa lessons and well as dancing with each other for breath-taking dance demonstrations.
SO...The song ended, the professionals were getting their breath back and...

......***IT WAS THEN , WHEN JAC MADE HER MOVE!!!!***.........

....At the end of the couple's magical display, Jac approached them and asked the guy if she could have the next dance with him. "What is she doing??" I thought.
i could tell by the guy's expression what he was thinking......that she was probably drunk and was very likely to embarrass herself and make him look foolish too if he agreed.
He looked ready to let her down gently but she talked and talked to him.
I don't know what she said but by the time the next tune erupted, he had her in his arms, all poised to dance!

Our gang held our breath as the Cha Cha music began and.......
........she was incredible!!!

I found later that she had been taking Latin dance lessons in Australia for the past two years and had reached a very high level.
She was as good as the professional!!
A circle grew around them as everyone cheered, clapped and filmed them dancing and I remember feeling so proud of her, even though I had only met her for the first time the day before!! =))

The rest of the night featured red-hot live Latin music including "mass-class" Salsa lessons which effectively were like some kind of sweaty, sensual line-dancing sessions!!

My memory of the hot atmosphere is captured at around 2:40 and also, 4:44 in this video.


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Cuba/ Colombia
Posted: 8th July 2019
David Carter
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