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(Countdown for my 10 all-time favourite albums.)

Number 8 ; " LIVE MCMXCIII" ( 1993 )

I believe that every music fan has a fantasy of seeing a live act that passed them by.

For many it could be legends like Elvis......The Beatles......yeh, maybe even something as diverse as Louis Armstrong or The Sex Pistols.

Well, with me, it had ALWAYS been The Velvet Underground.

Ever since I bought "Loaded" in early '71 while I was still at school as a 15 year old, I was besotted with them. The heartbeat of the band, Lou Reed & John Cale had already left by then but I snapped up the first 3 albums in no time & it broke my heart knowing it was extremely unlikely that I would ever see this band live.

........Fast forward to March 26th 1992 & Lou Reed finishes his set at the Hammersmith Odeon thanking the audience and concluding with his intriguing message, " I will be back in London again next year and I will have something very special for you"......

JUNE THE 6TH 1993.........
I am standing outside the Wembley Arena gazing up at the huge banner draped way above saying.......

........."LOU REED, JOHN CALE , STERLING MORRISON , MOE TUCKER......THE ORIGINAL VELVET UNDERGROUND PERFORMING TONIGHT"......with the massive Warhol banana icon plastered underneath.

I just stood there looking up & gawping.
I waited 23 years for this & I just could not take it in.
" I bet you never thought you'd have a ticket for THIS, did you?" said my mate Steve, grinning broadly.

Well, waiting in the dim light, the anticipation just overwhelmed me & although I have heard better live performances in my life, they actually DID put on a great show and I remember feeling giddy outside afterwards, STILL barely able to believe what I had just witnessed..

It was a short tour & the band broke up again immediately afterwards with all hope of a further reunion gone with the death of Morrison in '95.

Yes, dreams sometimes do come true.

I have attended approximately 1,200 gigs in my life & along with The Ramones on New Year's Eve 1977, this was definitely the most THRILLING gig I had ever had the great fortune to see. .

** I know that The V.U's 4 classic studio albums are the obvious choices for an all-time fave list but this album is just simply so personal for me.

***The album was actually recorded in Paris but the set-list & the performance was pretty much identical to the one I attended.

1993 - Sire Records
Posted: 15th March 2019
David Carter
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