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Glad To Be Gay
by Tom Robinson Band

I am NOT GAY...I am NOT BLACK...I am NOT a WOMAN...But I AM working class...
....A Personal rant..... ( Please Read on...)

...A little breather from #RockTilXmas ...Posting rockers from the late 70s tilted my memory towards hearing "Glad to be gay" for the first time in 1977 & the ENORMOUS impact it had on me & my views of the world
.....Before I start, I want to emphasise that the working class of East London & Essex are generally, wonderful people. Kind, respectful, aware of diversity & embracing all minority groups but it wasn't ALWAYS like that!.....NO Sir-ree!!!!!........

I remember the 60s as a child & the 70s as a teenager & how I was made to feel an oddball & weird at my reactions to the kind of talk I heard everywhere around me in those days.
The views on gay & black people in general and even on women too made me feel squeamish from a very young age and it didn't help that it was everywhere in the media too, TV, in the tabloids , even on the stage. People were led to believe that it was totally acceptable to express homophobic, racist & sexist views to one & all.
And the jokes!!....So called 'hilarious' punch lines, using words like 'queers', 'wogs', & 'stupid bitches' ( I apologise for the use of this language folks. I'm just trying to get the strength of my feelings across...)
...This was violent humour, abusive humour...but really, it wasn't humour at all. It was just fear & hatred disguised as humour.

...." Come ON you TART. What's the MATTER wi'yer?" they would yell at me, nudging me in the ribs " LAUGH you miserable bastard, will ya?" ..after another vile , repugnant 'joke' was told to me.
I even began to question myself. It was so rife & widespread that I thought, " Is it ME that is wrong?" ...But I could only answer that by how I felt when confronted with it & that was my stomach.
I lost count of the 'friends' I fell out with over this kind of thing & I began to feel like an outcast in the working class world. I began to notice the youth of the middle classes . The students, the well-educated ones. Their open accepting arms of tolerance towards others. I thought of these as "the Enlightened Ones"....

*...BUT , enlightenment was beginning to spread and a new working class generation were showing their colours......The times, ....they INDEED were-a-changin'.......*

....FAST FORWARD to 1978 & The Clash were playing a free concert for "Rock Against Racism" in Victoria Park. My local park in the East End of London. A mile or so from the docks & the factories. The very back-yard of my working -class world.
It was rumoured that an "Anti-RAR rally" was on it's way to ruin the festivities, endorsed by the racist, homophobic, extreme right-wing 'political' party, The National Front. Disruption was expected. Probably violence, too.
But after confrontation with the vast crowd, a few skirmishes & threats, they knew they could never infiltrate us & fled away with their tails between their legs.
The mood was now joyful & triumphant! Victory over the bigots was being enjoyed by all!

It was shortly after this , Tom Robinson began to perform "Glad to be Gay"...a gay anthem drenched in irony & bitterness...and people began to sing along to it.....EVERYONE seemed to know all of the words!
There were a couple of thousand black folk, a couple of thousand gays & about a hundred thousand of the 'rest' of us which included a MASSIVE number of local working-class cockneys.

....and we ALL stood together, shoulder to shoulder...BELLOWING out every single word with gusto, It was just GLORIOUS. UNITY......and for one second, I stopped singing, stood back & soaked it all in......

.......THIS was my world.....THESE were my people. It was the dawn of a new age in the very heart of my own East-End and I was part of it....
.........and for the first time in my life, I felt PROUD to be working-class.......

......( and when The Clash turned up, this "Feel-Good Party" REALLY kicked off!!!! )

Thanks for listening
Posted: 13th December 2015
David Carter
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