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Everyone Hides (Live)
by Wilco
So I have to share with my fellow Jukers...
My son who lives in Louisville Ky was recently in town. Before he left to head back home he presented me with a early birthday present. 2 tickets to see Wilco at the Palace Theater in Louisville on Nov 13th! I have seen Wilco 11 times. I live in Northern Kentucky, 90 miles north of Louisville. Wilco is actually coming to my area on Nov 9th but the only way I was going to go was either with my wife or my kids. So I put it on the back-burner. My wife, who loves Wilco has seen them with me...my daughter... actually bought her and I tickets to see Lucy Dacus on Nov 5th (for my birthday!) My 26 year old son just recently really started listening to Wilco heavily but as a teen blew them off because Dad played them over and over in the car! Lol! He recently told me what a great band they were and of how many songs he really knew from their catalog. With that being said...my lovely wife checked in with my boss to make sure I could be off work the next day to enjoy the show with Mitch in Louisville. All I can say is "WOW!"! All my love to Mitchell, Morgan, and my wife Tina.
2019 - dBpm - Album: Ode To Joy
Posted: 12th October 2019
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