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It Takes Time to Build
by Beastie Boys
My career has been in sustainability in one form or another and I will hopefully be able to go to the worldwide climate change protests tomorrow - anyone else planning to do so?

I remember seeing a Twitter conversation about songs mentioning #climatechange and I put this forward as MCA mentions Bush's attitude to climate policy:

"You wanna change things up, well, hey then get set
It's easier to sit back than stick out your neck
It's easier to break it than build it correct
We've got a president we didn't elect
The Kyoto treaty he decided to neglect
And still the US just wants to flex
Keep doin' that bop we gonna break our necks"
2004 - Capitol
Posted: 14th March 2019
Barbara Mendes-Jorge
Ex-TIMJer, initiator of #FeministFriday, tweeting about music @Random_Firl_, constantly updating my underrated artists playlist https://spoti.fi/2V48E1y
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