Congratulations, you successfully signed up to God's Jukebox! Here's what to do next:

Step 1 - Follow some people
You can find people to follow in the 'People' and 'Explore' sections.
Your 'Wall' will then consist of tracks posted by the people you are following, giving you a ready-made playlist of endorsed tracks to explore.

Step 2 - Upload a profile image
Upload a profile picture in the 'Settings' section.

Step 3 - Post your first selection!
To post a selection, visit the 'Select' section... search for a track, and then post it to the Jukebox. The track will appear on your 'Profile' page and within the 'Explore' section.
Of course, if people are following you then your selection will appear on their '
Wall' too.

Step 4 - 'Like' and comment on some selections
Our members love abit of feedback, so get involved!