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the middle
by cog
sometimes it’s easier to see it all as a machine. it’s tempting. machines tend to be relatively predictable. they follow orders of pre-defined algorithms. they’re quantifiable. if designed well, their concealed mechanics go mostly unnoticed. but their existence is, by definition, mechanical, repetitive and dishearteningly unsurprising. out of evolutionary conditioning, we crave the convenience they impersonally offer, the relative simplicity of their binary mechanics, the time and effort they allow us to invest in more satisfying ways, yet—nevertheless, with no investment of gratitude necessary—despise their lack of personality, feeding our sense of organic, quantum superiority. we seem fine with the hierarchy until something cracks the veil-thin shell and we start to perceive ourselves, and quite rightly so, as thoroughly immersed in it, finding that not only are we not the free-willed masters but mere cogs. this is a deeply shocking realisation. hence the rage against it. hence the bitterness of being welcome to the machine. hence the search of the ghost in it and the ultimate disappointment with the Wonderland we were meant to find but instead ended up lost at sea.

don’t let the band’s name deceive you — they’re no ordinary cog (and neither are you for that matter, when you think of it). it may sound simple, even trivial, almost a cliche, when you hear the lyrics in your mind:

’…So I just followed it to where it all began
Until it all went quiet, that noise that's in your head’

but the meaning of the words, the actual process they stand for, the ‘path’ is anything but. and that’s what Luke, Lucius and Flynn have been practising with inspiring consistency since the conception of the band. quality over quantity, substance in a perfect symbiosis with form.

cog are:
Luke Gower • bass
Lucius Borich • drums
Flynn Gower • guitar, vocals
2018 - Australia
Posted: 13th June 2019
kuba adamów
a happily introverted, and seemingly individual, arrogant in his insignificance, human-shaped warp of the universal reality, a mere leaf on the tree of life, an ephemeral chord in the eternal song—we’re all it, we’re all one… we’re all connected…
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