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The Saints Are Coming
by The Skids
The Skids were supporting Buzzcocks at the Pete Shelley tribute at the Albert Hall and were excellent, blowing the roof of the old place with this track. Despite the huge hole left by the sadly deceased Stuart Adamson, Bruce Watson on guitar added a 'Big Country' feel to the songs and Richard Jobson, on fine form, is a pure entertainer. Penetration were also very good, Pauline Murray's voice having lost none of its power. Unfortunately the Buzzcocks set was disappointing. Steve Diggle is a fine musician and songwriter but the genius of Buzzcocks was the pure melody and lyrical poignancy of their punkpowerpop. Even though he fronted the excellent 'Harmony In My Head' and 'Autonomy' singles, Diggle struggled with the live vocals and seemingly to compensate, the songs were played at a velocity and volume that bludgeoned the originals (maybe it was the wrong venue and a couple of nights at Brixton for example, might have been better?). The guest vocalists, mainly, didn't fair much better. Captain Sensible despite his Punk Widow Twankey impression, did a decent job with 'Boredom', Dave Vanian much less so with his guest appearance - there's Punk and then there's shambolic. Peter Perrett was wasted on 'Why Can't I Touch It?' seemingly having never heard the song before. Predictably Thurston Moore ratcheted the volume up even further on 'Noise Annoys' (which it did!). Far and away the best vocalist of the evening was Tim Burgess who added the relevant melody and poignancy to 'Sixteen Again' and 'You Say You Don't Love Me'. All in all, pleased I went and if you have a chance to catch Penetration on their upcoming tour or The Skids live, I can thoroughly recommend both.
1978 - United Kingdom
Posted: 23rd June 2019
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