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Long Long Long
by The Beatles
The White Album really needs no introduction so I'll say very little about it and this particular song. I will say that it just now occurred to me that it was released exactly 5 years from the day that JFK was killed. The album was released on November 22nd 1968. Although George stated during one interview that it was (paraphrasing) about love for god as others swore that The Beatles said
it was really a personal love song about an individual past/current lover. Who really knows? George might...one thing that supposedly is more fact than fiction is that the pretty heavy ending to this sweet, gentle love song is along with the heavy drums and abrupt ending....an empty wine bottle rattling and vibrating on a very loud bass speaker that happened to be facing up. So many mysteries surrounding The Beatles. That's one of the reasons I love them so much..... So much for rambling sentences. I was taught never to do that. That's exactly why I do that occasionally. RIP George Harrison. I love you.
1968 - Apple - United Kingdom - One of my very favorite songs ever written. One of my very favorite songs ever written by George Harrison with a little help from The Beatles of course..sigh!
Posted: 15th January 2019
Jim O'Rourke
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