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Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
by Ian Dury and The Blockheads
Breaking into the punk/new wave scene when he was well into his 30s Ian had quite a few awesome hits and his discography reads like a complicated Ray Bradbury story. He loved his acting as much or more as his music. Many of his songs were used in many popular and underground films.Stricken with polio as a child he had to wear leg braces for much of his life.Stiff Records were fascinated by him early on in their inception with Nick Lowe at the helm and Elvis Costello as the golden boy. They picked him up and he ran with it(run Forest run). Played all over the world and toured with Lou Reed in the US...surprisingly Ian was not as big of a hit in the US and was eventually dropped from another label that I won't mention...way too much information to get into now as I don't have a month to continue writing. Sadly he succumbed to cancer in the late 90s and we lost this beautiful artist in 2000....my favorite album by him was New Boots and Panties of his many recordings....SnDnRnR FOREVER xoxoj
1977 - Stiff Records - United Kingdom - Been playing this song all night with our band...too much fun.
Posted: 26th March 2019
Jim O'Rourke
jim O'Rourke(me) is on Reverb Nation and Facebook(friend me if you'd like)...I am really enjoying all the different types of music that God's Jukebox is opening me up to....thank you all....so many people out there with great taste in musicsome of my Influences n curiosities @The Zombies,lauri Anderson,Cage The Elephant,The Kinks,The Sleepers,Zappa,Dylan,Pretenders,Zep,T-Rex,Stones,Beatles,Vic Chesnut,Eugene Chadbourn,The Cure,Jimi,Leo Kotke,Gene Pitney,Hollies,Moody Blues,Otis Redding,Doors,The Shut Ins,The Cramps,joni Mitchell,lucious,The Animals,yardbirds,Donavon,The Cars,Bach,CCR,Patsy Cline,Sonic youth,Soundtracks of Our lves,Leanard Cohen,Jim Carrol.The Standells,B52s,Spirit...and Rainy Day.
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