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Give In
by The Bridewell Taxis

The Bridewell Taxis came together in Leeds during 1987 and were originally called Morality Play. Their first public performances were at an Unemployed Music project in Leeds that also helped launch contemporaries Nightmares on Wax. After singer Mick Roberts joined, the band changed its name to "The Bridewell Taxis", a nickname for the police vans that delivered drunks and criminals to the town's police station, (called Bridewell), situated under Leeds Town Hall. A number of the band were familiar with this form of transport.

From their very first gig in 1988 at the Royal Park Pub, with support from Pale Saints, it was apparent that the band was offering a different sound and sensibility to its immediate Leeds peers such as The Wedding Present, Cud and the aforementioned Pale Saints. Whilst the band members all hailed from east Leeds, unlike their former student rivals (although Mick Roberts was originally from Wales), they had more in common with the growing northern music scene in Lancashire featuring Liverpool-based bands such as The La's, The Real People and The Farm and also Inspiral Carpets, The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays from Manchester.

The Taxis had a unique selling point with the arrival of trombonist Chris Walton which only served to emphasise the hard, fast, Northern Soul beat they often used whilst all around were slipping into the funky drummer, baggy beat. Despite a strong regional following, they never graced even the lower echelons of the singles or album charts in the UK.
1990 - Stolen - United Kingdom - 2nd single
Posted: 8th November 2019
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