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Mercenary Territory (Live)
by Little Feat

When music fans conduct polls for the best live albums ever recorded Little Feat's "Waiting for Columbus" frequently appears on the list. It was the band's first live album, and was recorded during seven performances in 1977. The first four were done at the Rainbow Theatre in London and the last three shows were at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium in Washington, D.C. This song, "Mercenary Territory," was originally included on their 1975 album "The Last Record Album." It was written by Lowell George, Richie Hayward, and Elisabeth George. It was reworked for the live album to include the Tower of Power horn section, whose part was arranged by trumpet player Greg Adams.

I have previously jammed live versions of "Willin'", "Fat Man in the Bathtub" and "Spanish Moon," but none of them were from this live album. As far as I know no video clips exist of performances from the album. Previous jams from this album include "Willin'" by @Boozybluesy, "Dixie Chicken" by @debutch and @azche24, and "Spanish Moon" by @Vasco.

Here is a bonus link to their live version of "Tripe Face Boogie", featuring marvelous slide work by Lowell George and keyboard playing by Bill Payne:

And here is a live version of "A Apolitical Blues," where the band is joined by Mick Taylor on lead and slide guitar. The video uses the audio from "Waiting for Columbus" up through the end of Taylor's initial solo, when it switches over to the mix from the video.

"Is it the lies?
Is it the style?
It's a mercenary territory
I wish you knew the story
I've been out here so long dreamin' up songs
I'm temporarily qualmless and sinking

I've did my time in that rodeo
It's been so long and I've got nothing to show
Well I'm so plain loco
Fool that I am I'd do it all over again

Is it the style?
Is it the lies?
Is it the days into nights
Or the "I'm sorry"s into fights

Now some kind of man, he can't do anything wrong
If I see him I'll tell him you're waiting
'Cause I'm devoted for sure but my days are a blur
Well your nights turn into my mornings

Well I did my time in that rodeo
Fool that I am I'd do it all over again

Is it love keeps you waiting so long
Makes you say I'll see you around
The forces that be, they just don't see
While your nights turn into my mornings

Is it the style?
Is it the lies?
Is it the days into nights
Or the "I'm sorrys" into fights"

1978 - Warner Bros. - United States
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