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You would have to be living in a cave to have never heard of Bruce Springsteen's breakthrough album "Born to Run," particularly the classic rock staple title cut. The Boss was fairly well known, especially by the critics, after his second album "The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle," but this LP really put him on the map. Springsteen had a five-night, 10-show stand at New York's The Bottom Line club, one of which was broadcast on New York's famed radio station WNEW-FM, and he appeared on the cover of the magazines Time and Newsweek the same week in October, 1975, so there was no one hotter in the world of rock and roll following the release of this album.

This post breaks a pattern for me for this hashtag, since it is the first artist, following Elton John, Jeff Beck, John Hiatt, and Elvis Costello, that I have not seen live. Despite Springsteen's enormous popularity performing live and his frequent touring I have never had the pleasure.

I am surprised to learn that although I have posted many Springsteen songs on GJB, the only one that was from this album is a live version of "Thunder Road."

This song, "Backstreets," the fourth track and last one on side one, a concert staple for him, has never been posted here, along with the more obscure "Night," which is the third track.

Here is a live version with the E Street Band recorded in NYC:

And here is a live version of "Night" recorded in Barcelona, Spain, in October of 2002:

"One soft infested summer
Me and Terry became friends
Trying in vain to breathe
The fire we born in
Catching rides to the outskirts
Tying faith between our teeth
Sleeping in that old abandoned beach house
Getting wasted in the heat
And hiding on the backstreets
Hiding on the backstreets
With a love so hard and filled with defeat
Running for our lives at night on them backstreets

Slow dancing in the dark
On the beach at Stockton's Wing
Where desperate lovers park
We sat with the last of the Duke Street Kings
Huddled in our cars
Waiting for the bells that ring
In the deep heart of the night
We let lose of everything
To go running on the backstreets
Running on the backstreets
Terry you swore we'd live forever
Taking it on them backstreets together

Endless juke joints and Valentino drag
Where famous dancers scraped the tears
Up off the street dressed down in rags
Running into the darkness
Some hurt bad some really dying
At night sometimes it seemed
You could hear the whole damn city crying
Blame it on the lies that killed us
Blame it on the truth that ran us down
You can blame it all on me Terry
It don't matter to me now
When the breakdown hit at midnight
There was nothing left to say
But I hated him
And I hated you when you went away

Laying here in the dark
You're like an angel on my chest
Just another tramp of hearts
Crying tears of faithlessness
Remember all the movies, Terry
We'd go see
Trying to learn to walk like the heroes
We thought we had to be
Well after all this time
To find we're just like all the rest
Stranded in the park
And forced to confess
To hiding on the backstreets
Hiding on the backstreets
Where we swore forever friends
On the backstreets until the end
Hiding on the backstreets
Hiding on the backstreets..."

1975 - Columbia - United States
Posted: 23rd March 2019
I'm just a soul whose intentions are good. #ThisIsMyJam #TIMJ
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