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Wayfaring Pilgrim (Live)
by Roy Buchanan

Also born on this day were Bruce Springsteen and Ray Charles, but if I don't recognize guitar virtuoso Roy Buchanan who will? This is a live version of "Wayfaring Pilgrim," written by Roy Buchanan and Ernie Freeman, originally found on his last studio album for Polydor, "In the Beginning." The video is from an appearance on the TV show Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. Neil Larsen is on keyboards.

Roy was born on this day in 1939. There were rumors that he turned down an offer to join the Rolling Stones after Brian Jones was fired, and there are questions about his mysterious death when he was found hanging by his shirt in a Fairfax, VA, jail cell in 1988, but one thing is certain. The man could play a Telecaster guitar like nobody's business. I was fortunate to see him live locally in 1979, and couldn't believe how much he bent his strings while playing.

Here is a link to a performance of him covering Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" in a gym somewhere with a T-shirt taped to the wall:

1974 - Polydor - United States
Posted: 23rd September 2019
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