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Ring My Bell
by Anita Ward


The following is from the blog "Question Everything - Michael Martinez - Theorist & Writer":


When You Ring My Bell . . .

There was an annoying 'disco' song from the 1970s where some girl kept singing over and over again, "You can ring my bell, you can ring my bell...". I wish I could forget it, but it is indelibly etched into my mind.

One day, when I was in the fifth grade, our teacher was called away from the classroom. The kids sat quietly for a few minutes until we realized she had really gone far away from the classroom. First one kid and then another started whispering to a friend, and our voices grew louder, and we started talking across the room, and finally kids started laughing and joking out loud. I was teasing some girl and yelled out, "You can ring my chimes!"

Immediately, the loud speaker above the door blared out, "Who said that?"

Oh, how quickly 30 kids can drop into witless, guilty, we've-been-caught silence. The administrative audience had been listening in on our conversation. My one remark, spoken out of pure ignorance (and repeated only because I'd heard someone else say it a few days before and I thought it was a cool expression) earned me yet another trip down to the principal's office (I have many memories of those various principals and their cramped, ugly offices).

[ He then goes into a lengthy disposition about the meaning of the phrase - way too wordy for here, but you can continue if you want at: http://blog.michael-martinez.com/when-you-ring-my-bell/ ]


The song itself (written by Frederick Knight), was a worldwide smash hit when released as a single in 1979. All the US charts, including Cashbox and the various Billboard incarnations, posted it as a No. 1, as did the UK, New Zealand, Norway and Spain, plus all three of the genre-divided Canadian listings that year.

I always preferred the less annoying (and ORIGINAL, by the way) version, where the "doooooh!!" synthesised drum sound only enters the record after more than half the song has elapsed. And that's the version I've gone for here too.
1979 - Juana Records - United States - From the album "Songs of Love".
Posted: 22nd April 2019
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