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Come and Get It
by Badfinger

Yes, this one also used to echo around the Swindon Town Football Club ground in the first year I started going to watch them play (and in common with my last selection).

Written by Paul McCartney, today's Juke was given to the 'Apple' group 'The Iveys', who were renamed 'Badfinger' prior to the single's release. The following quote from McCartney appears in the pages of "The Beatles Bible (Not quite as popular as Jesus)", in their comprehensive feature called "The Beatles' songs – complete A-Z list!":


McCartney: "I'd written the song 'Come and Get It' and I'd made a fairly decent demo. Because I lived locally, I could get in half an hour before a 'Beatles' session at Abbey Road – knowing it would be empty and all the stuff would be set up – and I'd use Ringo's equipment to put a drum track down, put some piano down, quickly put some bass down, do the vocal, and double-track it. I said to 'Badfinger', 'OK, it's got to be exactly like this demo,' because it had a great feeling on it. They actually wanted to put their own variations on, but I said, 'No, this really is the right way.' They listened to me – I was producing, after all – and they were good. The song was a hit in 1970."

The 'Badfinger' version, sung by fellow Liverpudlian Tom Evans, was mostly identical to McCartney's demo. The final version was in E flat, a semitone lower than McCartney's, possibly due to "varispeeding" during the mixing stage. Recorded nine days later, the 'Badfinger' recording became a Top Five single and was the main theme for the Peter Sellers/Ringo Starr film "The Magic Christian".


We all know the tragic story concerning the suicides of two of the main contributors to 'Badfinger', so I'm not going to dwell on that this time. However, McCartney's perceived wish to make the band almost a 'clone' of his own massively successful group (a 'Beatles Mark Two') can't have helped them in dealing with the years following their brief success under him.

Released very late in 1969, the single became a big hit in the US, getting as it did to No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 by April 1970. It performed just as well in the UK, reaching No. 4 in the Singles chart in January 1970 during a 10-week stay in the Top 40.
1969 - Apple Records - United Kingdom - Producer: Paul McCartney.
Posted: 16th October 2018
Born in 1954, leaving education by 1972, 'glam' was my thing, "Ziggy" Bowie my hero. I was even the only guy in my town with the haircut (though not the carrot red colouring!). Therefore every seventh selection is a Bowie track.
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