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Dancin' (on a Saturday Night)
by Barry Blue


The "Hits of the 70s" blog has the following on Mr Blue - or should I say Mr Green?


Now there is no doubt he was a good looking guy in the 1970s. But Barry Blue was much more than just a pretty face too. He was born as Barry Ian Green in London in 1950, and as a teenager was working for Tim Rice. He also worked in the mid-1960s for the 'heavy metal' group 'Uriah Heep', and later wrote and produced for 'Mott the Hoople' and 'Heatwave'.

Barry was also a songwriter, and he wrote the Lynsey De Paul hit "Sugar Me" (Lynsey died in 2014). Barry was signed up to 'Bell Records' in 1973 and had his first hit with "Dancin' (on a Saturday Night)", which filled the 'disco' floors in 1973 school discos. A No. 2 UK hit.

In the same year, Barry came back with No. 7 hit "Do You Wanna Dance" which, although it did not chart as high as his previous single, many believed to be a better song. 1974 was also a great year for Barry with two more hits. The first was the 'teen love' song called "School Love". Many a girl would be singing this as the Top Thirty was announced at lunchtime on a Tuesday. The song was co-written by his girlfriend, Lynsey De Paul.

The next two singles only just crept into the Top Thirty, one being called "Hot Shot", the other "Miss Hit And Run". Single-wise, that was it. But Barry would go on to manage 1970s 'soul' group 'Heatwave' and be even more famous for producing in the 1980s decade.


To elaborate a little on the chart performance of today's song, it actually spent two weeks (September 1st & 8th 1973) at No. 2 in the UK Singles listings, and six weeks in the Top Ten all told. Although not released in the US, its other notable European placings included No. 3 in Austria, No. 4 in Republic of Ireland, No. 5 in Denmark and No. 9 in Germany. It also managed a No. 2 placing in Australia.
1973 - Bell Records - United Kingdom
Posted: 5th November 2018
Born in 1954, leaving education by 1972, 'glam' was my thing, "Ziggy" Bowie my hero. I was even the only guy in my town with the haircut (though not the carrot red colouring!). Therefore every seventh selection is a Bowie track.
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