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Melting Pot
by Blue Mink

See, I do understand why this record seems to generate so much controversy in the modern day. Back then (as backed up by today's blog post) it was a plea for racial harmony, but it often seems to be construed very much differently in the present era. Well, my nostalgia nerve ends tell me that this is a pure memory vessel which pours into my ears and reminds me of "the good old days", and I can't ever think badly of this record or the folk who made it. "Solidboy Music Blog" treats the group well in this excerpt from 2014:


One of the giants of British pop in the early '70s, 'Blue Mink' was formed in autumn 1969 by keyboard player Roger Coulam, around a nucleus of musicians based at London's Morgan Studios - bassist Herbie Flowers, guitarist Allan Parker and drummer Barry Morgan were also involved. Having already recorded a number of backing tracks, Coulam then approached 'soul' singer Madeleine Bell and former 'David & Jonathan' star Roger Greenaway as vocalists; Bell accepted, Greenaway declined but recommended his songwriting partner (and fellow 'David & Jonathan'-er) Roger Cook in his stead. With this line-up, Cook and Greenaway's "Melting Pot" was released as the 'Blue Mink' debut single, a plea for multi-racial harmony that reached No. 3 in the UK that November. An album of the same title was released in the new year, alongside the single "Good Morning Freedom". For reasons unknown, the single did not originally appear on the LP. However, its swift rise into the UK Top Ten prompted a rethink, and subsequent pressings packed it on board.

[ Quite a bit more at: http://solidboymusicblog.blogspot.com/2014/03/blue-mink-melting-pot-japan-remaster.html ]


As well as the UK chart performance mentioned above, it also rose to No. 11 in the Republic of Ireland listings. However, the group's only release to break the Billboard Hot 100 in the US was the following year's "Our World" (No. 64).
1969 - Philips Records - United Kingdom - From the album of the same name.
Posted: 25th August 2019
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