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Young Hearts Run Free
by Candi Staton



There's a really interesting article by the UK Guardian newspaper on June 30th 2015, as part of their regular "How We Made Pop And Rock" feature. In an interview with the newspaper's Dave Simpson, today's singer, Candi Staton, tells all about the history and the making of this 'disco' classic single. I'll give you the first paragraphs, just click the link below it to read more:


Candi Staton, singer

I was playing what they called the "chitlin" circuit - backwoods, R&B, juke joint-type clubs with women dancers painted on the walls, no proper dressing rooms and hecklers. Two shows a night and most nights you'd have to chase down the promoter to get paid.

I'd just signed to 'Warner Brothers', though, and they were opening this new 'disco' department. A producer called David Crawford was always in their office hustling and he'd wanted to work with me for years, so we finally got the chance. He fasted for 40 days before we went in the studio, because he wanted to get into a more spiritual realm, and asked me where I was in my life. I told him I was trying to get out of a really bad relationship: this guy was threatening me and telling me that if I ever left him he'd kill me or kill my kids. I was so fearful. He was a pimp and a con man: every female artist will get one of these guys, once. He drugged me and I don't even remember the day I was supposed to have married him. I think it was all a setup and I don't think it was ever registered.

David poured all this into writing "Young Hearts Run Free". He had a lot of great songs, but said they were album cuts, not hits. But when he came up with "Young Hearts Run Free", I instantly loved it. I heard the music first, then he sang it to me once and gave me the lyric sheet. Then I sang it in one take. I pleaded with him to let me do it again and he said: "You can, but I've got it." As an artist, the first take contains the raw emotion. The hurt in my voice is real. I was singing my life.

[ Now read on: http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/jun/30/candi-staton-how-we-made-young-hearts-run-free ]


Seven weeks in the Top Ten, twelve weeks in the Top 40 - those were the stats for its chart performance in the UK, built around a peak position of No. 2 on July 10th 1976. Perhaps strangely, it only managed a No. 20 placing in the US Billboard Hot 100 (or maybe it coincided with the backlash against 'disco' which happened in the States). It did smash No. 1 on the Hot Soul Singles listings over there, as well as getting to No. 8 on the dedicated Billboard Disco chart of the time in the USA.
1976 - Warner Bros Records - United States
Posted: 9th December 2018
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