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Another posting from 'Marios DidiRock' (owner of the "Rockasteria" blog), in his regular feature called "Plain and Fancy":


'Christie' was a UK band built around singer-songwriter Jeff Christie, and fleshed out with drummer Mike Blakely, and Blakely's former 'Acid Gallery' bandmate Vic Elmes on guitar. The band's one brush with fame was their first single, "Yellow River", which reached No. 23 in the US [Billboard Hot 100], supported an album that sold well, and produced three separate videos.....

The follow-up single, the country-tinged "San Bernadino", scraped its way to [US] No. 100, keeping the band (technically, at least) from being labelled a "one-hit wonder". The album stretches out on the pop inflections the band found in the 'Creedence Clearwater Revival' "roots" sound, and though they didn't manage any more chart singles, neither did they load up on "filler". With a lucky break, or better promotion from their US label, the band could easily have been remembered for more than "Yellow River".


This song (and many of the other "bubblegummy" singles which flooded the charts at the start of the Seventies) always reminds me of my early 1970 period of following Swindon Town Football Club. 'Edison Lighthouse', 'Vanity Fare', 'Steam', et al. The County Ground public address system would play 'pop' hits before the match and during the half-time interval.

Apart from its decent performance Stateside (mentioned above), today's single actually got to No. 1 on the UK Singles chart for one week in June 1970.
1970 - CBS Records - United Kingdom
Posted: 14th October 2018
Born in 1954, leaving education by 1972, 'glam' was my thing, "Ziggy" Bowie my hero. I was even the only guy in my town with the haircut (though not the carrot red colouring!). Therefore every seventh selection is a Bowie track.
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