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Bad Moon Rising
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Back to normal now (whatever that is!), following my never-to-be-repeated calendar month sojourn into My Metal.

A nice little blog piece below to get us started into a resumed service - it's taken from a website which celebrates all things "moon"-related. It's called "Full Moon", and is run by husband-and-wife team Jorg and Pat Werner, who stepped back between the article posting year of 2014 and the present in order to let others publish their views and articles about the famed lunar body:


It is 1969 – John Fogerty, the front man and lead guitarist of the rock band 'Creedence Clearwater Revival' writes the song "Bad Moon Rising". He was inspired by a black-and-white movie called "The Devil and Daniel Webster", in which almost an entire city is obliterated by a hurricane. Fogerty creates gloomy lyrics that warn about the threat of destruction and its bringer of ill luck, being the rising Moon.

When listening to the song, however (and everyone has encountered it at some point), you are taken aback because the music is everything else but gloomy. Composed in D major, A major and G major (so no minor at all), and the cheerful sounds of the guitar with country elements, you are floating through the song and are not inclined to think about an Armageddon whatsoever. This also ties in with the running gag, when listening to or singing the part in the chorus "There’s a bathroom on the right" instead of "There's a bad moon on the rise". John Fogerty has used this joke many times in live concerts.

The ambivalence between the gloomy lyrics and the happy melody are probably what creates the success and uniqueness of this song. It was also the time of the Vietnam War, and many looked at the lyrics as being political: as a warning of the impending disaster. This is how the song hit the nerve of that time.

It is possible that the Moon was determined not to be branded as the villain and made a deal with John Fogerty, where he at least would compose positive music and hence promised him the full success for this song in return. After all, "Bad Moon Rising" is at No. 364 in the list of "500 Greatest Songs Of All Time" [published by] the Rolling Stone magazine. This is truly not to be scoffed at.


Interesting. I had no idea about the origins of the writing of the song, certainly never suspecting that it came from a film plot, as claimed in the article. You live and learn.

The single spent three weeks at No. 1 in the UK in September-October 1969, after previously hitting No. 2 in the US Billboard Hot 100 back in June of the same year. (It only spent a week at that particular peak, but did manage a total of 14 weeks inside the 100.)
1969 - Fantasy Records - United States - From the album "Green River".
Posted: 1st December 2019
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