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Sylvia's Mother
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The "Good Reads" website has a corner devoted to their signed-up author Shawn Inmon, who had written around 45 books by the year 2017. The following comes from his blog post back in September 2012:


I know that many people think they are kind of a joke (if they are, they are in on that joke) and most people don't think of them at all anymore. 'Dr Hook & the Medicine Show' was a New Jersey bar band when they were discovered by Ron Haffkine, who had been looking for a band to give voice to Shel Silverstein's songs. If not for that fortuitous meeting, it's entirely possible the world outside of the Garden State would have never heard of 'Dr Hook'.

There is no person called 'Dr Hook'. Many people think that "the guy in the eyepatch" is 'Dr Hook', but he's not. That's Ray Sawyer, who lost his right eye in a car accident in the early '70s. Ray sang a lot of the funnier songs that they did, and he was a cut-up on stage.

The reason I love the band beyond all reason, though, is Dennis Locorriere, whose soulful voice is heard on most of their ballads and hit songs. I've always believed it was Dennis' voice that made Shel Silverstein fall in love with the band. It was Dennis who sang their first big hit, 'Sylvia's Mother'. It was a song, filled with pathos, that told the story of a rejected suitor calling, trying to reconnect with his lover before it's too late.

The whole song is a conversation between the suitor and the girl's mother. As it turns out, that song is based on a true story from Shel Silverstein's life. This being the internet age, there is now a video up on YouTube that features not only the song, but also an interview with the real-life Mom and Sylvia, telling the story from their perspective:


[ There's also more text on this story at: http://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/3057317-the-story-behind-sylvia-s-mother ]


A UK No. 2, a US Billboard No. 5, and a US Cash Box No. 1. Also hit the top in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Ireland.
1972 - Columbia Records - United States - From the album "Dr Hook".
Posted: 22nd September 2019
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