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Burl Veneer (what? His real name, I think not) posted the following to his now-inactive website "Burl Veneer's Music Blog - Songs I Like", and I repeat it in appreciation of Edwin Birdsong, who passed away in January 2019:



OMG! Edwin Birdsong fries my brain.

I just picked up Edwin Birdsong's 1973 album "Super Natural" from the "4 Brothers Beats" blog, and for me this is what 'zip' blogs are all about: facilitating discovery. This album is amazing! It's funky, rocky, proggy, lyrically upbeat, full of great guitar and organ solos and interplay, it's the album I didn't know I wanted because it didn't occur to me that it could all come together like this. The rising klaxon that opens the album announces (figuratively), "Listen up, this is going to blow your mind!" And it does! (Again, figuratively.) There is so much 'funk' and 'rock' going on here it almost hurts to take it all in, and I must look like a total spaz as I walk along listening to it in my earphones, bobbing my head, pumping my fists and grunting. Why didn't I hear this when it came out in 1973? It surely would have steered me away from the lame-ass 'AOR' rut I got stuck in. On the other hand, I was only seven when it came out, I probably wouldn't have known what to do with it.

[ A little more of his ramblings can be found here: http://burlveneer.typepad.com/blog/2007/08/omg-edwin-birdsong-fries-my-brain.html - it was the only blog article about Birdsong that I could find! ]


This 1973 single taken from the "Super Natural" LP did nothing in either the UK or the US. In fact, Birdsong only troubled the US Billboard chart Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs twice - in 1981 and 1982.
1973 - Polydor Records - United States - From the album "Super Natural".
Posted: 9th July 2019
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