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La Déclaration d'Amour
by France Gall

At very short notice, I'm stealing a march on my alter ego, @Rest_In_Peace, and posting a slight tribute to France Gall, who has died today (the 7th) at the age of 70. A 'yé-yé' popular singer most successful in the Sixties (but only in French-speaking countries, it seems), she was also a Eurovision Song Contest winner in that decade. However, her personal style of presentation was almost out of fashion by the time today's selection was written and recorded (she was perhaps missing a major chunk of her popularity by then, but gained a husband in return). Below are French and English translations from the blog "La Vache Rose" ("The Pink Cow"):


Ma déclaration - France Gall - 1974
Publié le 20 mai 2015 par La Vache Rose

France Gall, au début des années 70 est un peu perdue, elle a démarré très tôt dans la chanson, elle a même gagné l'Eurovision en 1965 avec "Poupée de cire poupée de son" et souhaite réorienter sa carrière.

Elle a dû insister pour que Michel Berger (déjà en vogue) accepte de lui écrire un album.

Réticent car elle faisait de la variété trop... commerciale à son goût.

Finalement, il cède (dans tous les sens du terme)... et La déclaration d'amour sera la première chanson de l'album.

France Gall en dira :

"Premier disque, première chanson. J'attendais tellement de cette première fois que quand il m'a joué la chanson au piano, j'ai été... comment dire... un peu déçue. Je rêvais d'une chanson rythmique, et me voila avec une sensuelle déclaration. Le jour du studio, j'étais un peu tendue. Après une ou deux prises, Michel était content...".

A tant travailler ensemble, il était tombé amoureux d'elle. Elle était alors avec Julien Clerc [chanteur/compositeur Français] qu'elle quitte.

Et le 22 juin 1976, France Gall et Michel Berger se marient dans la plus stricte intimité.

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My Statement - France Gall - 1974
Published on May 20th 2015 by The Pink Cow

France Gall had become a bit lost by the early '70s; she had started very early in the song industry - she even won Eurovision in 1965 with "Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son" - and needed to re-invent her career.

So she insisted that the in-vogue Michel Berger agreed to write her an album.

He was initially reluctant because she sang with too much variety ... too commercial for his tastes.

Finally though, he gave in (in every sense of the word eventually), and "La Déclaration d'Amour" became the first song on the album.

France Gall said of this:

"The first record together and the first song ... I was expecting so much from this that when he played me the song on the piano, I was - how can I put it - a little disappointed ... I had dreamed of a rhythmic song and here I am with a sensual statement, so on the day of the studio session to record it I was a little tense. After one or two takes though, Michel was happy...".

Having worked so much together on this, he promptly fell in love with her. Although she was then the partner of [French singer/songwriter] Julien Clerc, she left him, and on June 22nd 1976, France Gall and Michel Berger married in the strictest secrecy.

[ This is 'yé-yé': http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y%C3%A9-y%C3%A9 ]


I hope my translation does not alter any context (I think I have it about right, though I expect fluent speakers to correct me if anything's wrong). The good old Anglo-French 'blocage de la langue' (joking!) stopped this one (and all her previous and future releases) from being anything more in the UK than a novelty song by a good-looking blonde girl singer from France, as far as UK charts were concerned. I have no idea how America perceived her. May she rest in peace.
1974 - Atlantic Records - France
Posted: 7th January 2018
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