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All Because of You
by Geordie

I remember quite liking this band when they first hit the 'glam' scene in 1973, swept up as we were in the relative "newness" of the sparkly, glittery 'rock' genre. To be honest though, I don't remember any of their other records at all, before or after. For me, one hit wonders, I suppose. Here's a great little insight though, brought to you courtesy of Marty Willson-Piper in his blog "In Deep Music Archive" (and I think I'll bookmark that site for future selections!):


Well there's nothing like a bit of local pride - coming from Newcastle and calling yourself 'Geordie', is like coming from Liverpool and calling yourself 'Scouser', Manchester : 'Manc', London : 'Cockney', etc, etc. You get the picture. 'Geordie' were formed in 1972 with Viv Malcolm on guitar, Tom Hill on bass, Brian Gibson on drums and Brian Johnson on vocals. Their first album "Hope You Like It" was released in 1973 and, although they had four singles in the Top 40 in the same year, the album failed to chart. They were the opposite of 'Deep Purple' - charting singles, but the fans weren't interested in the albums – they were a 'glam rock' band in the vein of 'Slade' or 'Sweet' or 'Hello'.

Unfortunately, what happened in [their] case was that none of their singles released in 1974 and onwards were hits - they didn't even make the Top 100. The band made two more albums before it all started to fall apart - "Don't Be Fooled By The Name" in 1974 and "Save The World" in 1976. Brian Johnson left after "Save The World" for a solo project, and 1978's "No Good Woman" consisted of some unreleased tracks with Brian Johnson and the rest with new singer Dave Ditchburn, with various other musicians along with the original band. They released their final album in 1983 with another new singer, Rob Turnbull.

[ More of this appraisal at: http://www.indeepmusicarchive.net/2015/12/181215-geordie-all-because-of-you-1973-shes-a-teaser-1974/ ]


Re: "liking them" - this hasn't stood the test of time I'm afraid, for me personally. I doubt whether I'll listen much to my own posting here while it's up, as it grates terribly on my ears, and my nervous system, nowadays. (Even Johnson's lead vocal strainings make my eyes water! Yet he was later so fantastic as the singer with 'AC/DC'.)

And when you really listen hard to it, it displays too many of the now-standard 'glam' 'hook' ingredients already done by other greats of the genre in hits of their own ("Hey! Hey! Hey!", for instance - Gary Glitter-ish, or what? Come off it, boys.....). The copy-cat formula fails them in the end.

Today's release got to No. 6 in the UK Singles charts in 1973 during an 11-week stay in the Top 40. Nothing doing in the USA, of course, even with a 1986 name change to 'Powerhouse' over there.
1973 - EMI Records - United Kingdom
Posted: 24th August 2017
Born in 1954, leaving education by 1972, 'glam' was my thing, "Ziggy" Bowie my hero. I was even the only guy in my town with the haircut (though not the carrot red colouring!). Therefore every seventh selection is a Bowie track.
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