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Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick
by Ian Dury and the Blockheads

Paul (or 'DJPaulT') runs a blog called "Burning the Ground", and posted the following to it on January 23rd 2012:


"Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick" is a song and single by 'Ian Dury and the Blockheads', first released 23rd November 1978 as a 7" single ('BUY 38' "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick" / "There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards" by 'Stiff Records'). It went to No. 1 on the UK Singles chart in January 1979, and is the band's most successful single ever. It also was named Best Single of 1979 in the Pazz & Jop poll.

Its lyrics mixed various locations across the world, and a number of phrases in non-English languages (including French and German). According to its author Ian Dury, the song has an anti-violence message.

On radio, "...Rhythm Stick" was a popular song from its release, but the single was initially kept from the No. 1 spot in the charts by the 'Village People' smash hit "YMCA", which was at No. 1 for five consecutive weeks. However, on the 27th of January 1979, [band members Norman] Watt-Roy, [John] Turnbull and Charlie Charles (drums) were waiting outside the Gaumont State Cinema, Kilburn, London, listening to a car radio when it was announced that "...Rhythm Stick" was the new No. 1. Ian Dury was on holiday in Cannes, where he was at the beach when the hotel staff brought him a bottle of champagne and told him the news.

For their appearance on "Top of the Pops", the whole band bought Moss Bros suits. Laurie Lewis, a friend of Ian Dury's from college, shot the promotional video for the single; while it simply showed the band playing on stage, it was an important piece of footage for Ian Dury, who for the first time appeared in public without his pink jacket or another long sleeved shirt hiding his left arm, withered by poliomyelitis as a child.


The chart stats for the UK are mentioned within the above article (surefire No. 1!). In the US, it did manage a No. 79 appearance in the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart for November 17th 1979, but not in the Hot 100.
1978 - Stiff Records - United Kingdom
Posted: 7th July 2019
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