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River Deep - Mountain High
by Ike & Tina Turner
#1969 #ReRelease

From the "Tina Turner Blog" (not an "official" organ of the star though - it's run by 'Ben', a "passionate fan"):


About the recording of "River Deep - Mountain High"

In "He's A Rebel (The Truth About Phil Spector)", [biographer] Mark Ribowsky wrote about how producer Phil Spector got the Turners involved with the song:

The chance of getting into 'rock' mainstream excited Ike. After Phil obtained permission from Ike's current label, 'Loma Records', an 'R&B' branch of 'Warner Brothers', to lease them for US$20,000, Phil and (promotions man) Danny Davis went to Ike and Tina's Baldwin Hills house to close the deal. "I didn't know what to expect, Ike had a mean reputation," Davis said, "but he was thrilled at the time that no less than Phil Spector was interested in them." Although Ike had no objection to keeping out of the studio with Phil, "he did think he would be involved somehow in what came out and so forth. I remember there was a lot of talk about it because Phil wanted to keep him happy. He was scared to death of Ike."

The song took five sessions to cut. At the end, the recording costs came up to US$22,000, "which would have been an unthinkable cost for several albums."

This is what happened at one of the recording sessions: "Trying to sing [the song] again while the immense rhythm track gorged her ears through headphones, [Tina] was constantly interrupted by Phil. 'That's close,' he would say. 'Let's try it again.' She had to inch up on the vocal, until, long after midnight, she was dripping with sweat and had to take off her blouse. Standing in a pitch-dark room in her bra, her head and her ears pounding, she took a deep breath and ripped it again, the veins in her neck bulging and her lower stomach in stabbing pain. When she left the studio, Tina still did not know if she did it the way Phil wanted it, and neither did Phil."


Well, I have to say I am not unhappy that Ike, the man with the "mean reputation", did not get a creative look-in at the studio sessions. Be honest, if he had been there and Tina had stripped her top down to her bra outside of the bedroom, I wouldn't have fancied her chances of escaping a beating later the same day. Be honest - some folk were "scared to death" of him.

When re-released in 1969, the single got to No. 33 in the UK charts and No. 112 in America. Compare that to the original placings in 1966 of UK No. 3 and US Billboard Hot 100 No. 88. In some ways, that was actually a good performance for a re-issue. Whatever you think, I know that it was a good introductory track for the following new decade, as it was still being heard on the radio a year later in 1970.
1969 - London Records - United States - Originally released in 1966.
Posted: 17th August 2019
Born in 1954, leaving education by 1972, 'glam' was my thing, "Ziggy" Bowie my hero. I was even the only guy in my town with the haircut (though not the carrot red colouring!). Therefore every seventh selection is a Bowie track.
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