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Sat in Your Lap
by Kate Bush
(Rewind to 1981) #BestEightiesPop


A simple few facts on this UK No. 11 hit from Kate in 1981, extracted from two of my usual sources - "Songfacts" and "Wikipedia":


"Songfacts": This song is about the kind of people who want to have knowledge but can't be bothered to do the things they should in order to get it. It implies that the more you know, the more ignorant you realize you are; when you get over one wall, you will find an even bigger one. "The Dreaming" [from which this is taken] was Bush's first album as a solo producer, allowing her to experiment musically in areas that were new to her. The video for this song was intentionally made to be comical rather than serious. It contained images indicating lack of knowledge such as dunces and jesters.

"Wikipedia": Musically, the single was faster and more percussive than Bush's previous releases. It features Preston Heyman on drums, recorded in the stone room at The Townhouse Studio 2, London, and Paddy Bush and Preston on whip-like percussion (actually played on bamboo canes swooshing through the air rhythmically). Critic Simon Reynolds called it "an avant-pop stampede of pounding percussion and deranged shrieks, a sister-song to Public Image Ltd's "Flowers of Romance". The lyrics of the song deal with feelings of existential frustration and the quest for knowledge.

Kate Bush stated in an early interview that the single version was remixed slightly for inclusion on "The Dreaming". The vocals were raised higher and the backing track altered to fit in better with the overall feel of the album. The demo version of "Sat in Your Lap" contains an extra verse at the start, which was later cut out of the song. As with subsequent singles from the album, a 12" single was planned but was eventually withdrawn.


This also represented a rare non-entry for her into the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA.
1981 - EMI - United Kingdom - From the album "The Dreaming".
Posted: 24th October 2016
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