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Little Arrows
by Leapy Lee

#1969 #ReRelease

I've featured the "Music Sounds Better With Two" blog before (it's one of the better ones), and I do like the following quite flowery review of the quirky 'country'-style love song which came out in 1968 but seemed to endure for a while after that - even getting a re-issue or two before the Seventies had hit full throttle:


After so many songs of death, sacrifice and sorrow, this song is a very welcome reminder that, even in the chaos of [original release date] 1968, Cupid is still hard at work, his arrows scattering everywhere. Here these arrows are as common as the twirling maple seeds in Toronto, getting into hair and clothes; not even armour can stop them, so powerful are they.

While Leapy Lee is not exactly the first name you think of when the word "punctum" comes to mind, the piercing quality of those arrows cannot be denied. Falling in love makes you wake up; it makes you vulnerable; and to a certain extent, you have to be ready for love in order to fall into it. Those arrows may be little but their accumulative power is awesome, and Leapy Lee (dressed much like Cat Stevens was) makes it sound like fun, kind of like winning the lottery. I can only attribute this to the songwriters, Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood, who were 'country'/pop writers and not opera composers after all. The lightheartedness here is a joy - a little inane to those who always take love "Very Seriously" - but a joy nonetheless.


A modest hit first time around in the USA (No. 16 in 1968), it really took of in the UK, making No. 2 in the Singles chart of 1968. The 1969 re-release in Australia appears to have happened due to it not being issued there the year before (it did not touch the Aussie record listings at all though).
1969 - Festival Records Australia - Australia - From the 1968 US album of the same name - re-released as an Australia-only EP in 1969.
Posted: 13th July 2019
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