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Silly Love Songs
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Okay - I'll feed you the first two paragraphs of Justine Mara Andersen's blog post at "Barefoot Justine", which she uploaded on October 28th 2013 (so, a long time ago admittedly, but still a relevant and interesting take on the acceptance or otherwise of Paul McCartney's life works).

You then go to http://barefootjustine.com/2013/10/28/the-relevance-of-silly-love-songs/ to read the rest of it. Cos it's long ... very long. But, I think, worth it - if you've ever found yourself loving John more than Paul, as far as Beatles go:


OK, group, we're done using "Silly Love Songs" as some sort of barometer to measure McCartney's work. We're done using it as a pivot point from which to compare his later work. We are done propping up our dismissal of McCartney's solo career with it. We're done "not getting it", and we are especially done using it as a 'crutch-and-all' if this is aimed at critics, and to a lesser extent the "Cult Of Lennon".

First off, let's put "Silly Love Songs" in perspective. For one, that song was only a small part of who McCartney was and is as an artist – I mean a very very small part. Taking it out of context and grinning with glee as critics prop up their ignorant views of McCartney with it has been a pop press pastime for far too long. Let's look at the song in context of the album from which it came, "Wings At the Speed Of Sound" - while not a major favourite, the album has grown on me greatly, and there are times where its vibe is the ONLY vibe that will do... so I play it and enjoy it... I am playing it now! Track by track, the album itself proves that so-called "Silly Love Songs" were far from the norm for McCartney, not only on "...Speed Of Sound", but before and after "...Speed Of Sound".

[ By the way, she self-describes in her blog as "Illustrator, dreamer, Hindu, barefoot". Now, over to you..... ]


Did you make it all the way through that article? Did it make sense, and (if you have previously been a Macca-sceptic) did it change the way you think about him?

I don't need to know, actually. Just wondered.....

Whatever anyone might say though, a UK peak spot of No. 2 on June 12th 1976 is nothing to sneer at. Especially as the single stayed in the Top Ten alone for a whole six weeks. And even more especially as it stayed at No. 1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 listings of 1976 for a full five weeks (and represented just one of his 9 solo chart-toppers over in the States across the years). Need I really say more?
1976 - MPL Records - United Kingdom - From the album "Wings At the Speed Of Sound".
Posted: 5th December 2018
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