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Killer Queen
by Queen

Back in 2010, the unidentified correspondent called 'The Daily Blogger' from Ohio, USA, posted to his self-titled blog a treatise on the release by 'Queen' of the single "Killer Queen". It's a fair retrospective on the October 1974 hit (also to be heard in the tracklist one month later when their third album, "Sheer Heart Attack", was issued). The man has much too much to say, so I'm not repeating the whole entry verbatim here - click the link at the end to have a look at the rest yourself, if you so wish:



.....to understand their abilities as musicians, writers, and masters of mood, one needs to look no further than their superb 1974 single, "Killer Queen".

In many ways, "Killer Queen" represents the final stage in the process of 'Queen' understanding how to completely capture their musical visions in a single song. Previous to its release, many of their songs seemed a bit unfinished or scattered, and "Killer Queen" plays as a complete musical thought, and proves this band could write in ways unlike any other performer in history. The moment "Killer Queen" begins, it may almost seem a bit odd when one considers that, at their core, 'Queen' was a 'hard rock' band. The upright piano, played by Freddie Mercury, has a playful, almost 'vaudevillian' sound to it, and later in the song, it is doubled by a grand piano. The tone from the piano gives a fantastic sense of balance once the unmistakable sound of Brian May's guitar enters the picture. May is also in what seems rare form on "Killer Queen" as he almost dances across the fret-board, presenting one of the most truly beautiful progressions of his career. The solo he takes on later in the song stands as perhaps his most "vocal" solo in the history of 'Queen', and it is in this part of the song that it becomes clear that his talents as a player know no limits. The rhythm section of bassist John Deacon and drummer Roger Taylor play brilliantly as well, and it is their contributions that give "Killer Queen" a flow and pace that blend together 'jazz' and 'rock' in a way never heard elsewhere. With all four musicians completely focused on the mood and tone they wish to achieve, it is not surprising that "Killer Queen" became a massive hit on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. ( More at: http://thedailyguru.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/november-24-queen-killer-queen.html )


Now for the stats. In the UK, it got to No. 2 in 1974, and reached No. 12 in the US Billboard Hot 100 in the same year. Hope you enjoyed this dig into the archive.
1974 - EMI - United Kingdom - From the 1974 album "Sheer Heart Attack".
Posted: 17th April 2016
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