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In common with other GJB members right now, I'd like to extend my congratulations to Brian May of 'Queen', in celebration of his 69th birthday yesterday and also the band's 45th anniversary this year. Here's part of a "Guitar World" 2011 interview with him, republished in February 2016 and conducted by Ben Mitchell:


In 1991, at the age of 45, Freddie Mercury passed away due to AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia. Six years later, John Deacon withdrew from public life, leaving Brian May and Roger Taylor - musical comrades since 1968, when they first played together in a group called 'Smile' - to curate the 'Queen' legacy. This year [2011] marks the group's 40th anniversary, and in celebration, their 15 studio albums are being released in remastered deluxe editions. "I’m quite excited, actually," says May. "They’re a really lovely bit of work, I think. There are lots of little bits of rescue that have been done to bring these albums closer to the original vinyl experience. You know, when you first opened your LP and it had that particular smell. Unfortunately we can't quite do the smell yet, but we're trying to get as close as possible to that sound and that feel. It's a fascinating project."

Guitar World: What were your impressions of Freddie Mercury before he joined 'Queen'?

Brian: An interesting and flamboyant character who seemed to be very confident, but it was soon apparent that he was very shy underneath all that stuff. Yeah, he was an unknown. Full of enthusiasm, full of energy and ideas. We had no idea if he could sing or not, really. When we actually did see him sing with his old band, I don't think we felt that good about it because he was very over the top. Of course, that all changed very quickly when Freddie got into the studio and started to hear himself and fashion himself according to his desires. He was very astute at finding the best in himself.

Guitar World: Who did you have most in common with when 'Queen' first got together?

Brian: That's complicated. Once we were all together we had quite a complex, sort of multiway interaction. That's why it worked, really. I was very close to Roger in some ways because we'd already been in a band together. We are - and we were - kind of brothers. We were so close in our aspirations and the way we looked at music, but of course so distant in so many other ways. So like any pair of brothers we sort of loved and hated each other all along the line.

Guitar World: What was your relationship with Freddie like once he became a band member?

Brian: In a way, I was very close to Freddie, particularly in the songwriting area. In the beginning, it was only he and I that were writing the material, pretty much. We learned to interact in a very productive way without treading on each other's toes. At its best it was a wonderful relationship, I must say.
(To access more from this interview, click the http://www.guitarworld.com/interview-brian-may-discusses-queens-greatest-moments link)


This particular number (a big 'Queen' favourite of mine) was just a modest hit in the UK, getting to No. 11 for one week in February 1975, and not being released in the USA at all. Once again, happy birthday to Brian.
1975 - EMI - United Kingdom - Brian May - born July 19th 1947.
Posted: 20th July 2016
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