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Here's the pocket biography for the band from their official website "The Sweet.com":

(which @ElizaJane knows off by heart.....)


'Sweet' is a success story that begins in 1970. When Brian Connolly and Mick Tucker left 'Wainwrights Gentlemen' in 1968 to form their own band 'Sweetshop' (later shortened to 'Sweet'), little did they know what lay ahead. They recruited Steve Priest on bass who was gaining a reputation with his band, 'The Army'. After two guitarists, Frank Torpey and Mick Stewart and four singles which failed to make the charts the band were at a crossroads, almost at the point of splitting when Andy Scott, from 'The Elastic Band', joined. The year was 1970 and the "classic" 'Sweet' line-up was complete.

Brian Connolly, the band's original lead vocalist, had the good fortune to meet record producer Phil Wainman at the BBC, who had met a couple of songwriters, Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman - their songs needed a singer and eventually a band. The first 'Sweet' single "Funny Funny" was among the original recordings and the rest, as they say, is history. The early years brought chart success but did not satisfy the band musically. "CoCo" and "Poppa Joe" gave the band the hits they craved but lacked credibility. The change came with the onset of 'Glam' - "Little Willy" and "Wig Wam Bam" had a tongue-in-cheek innuendo but when "Blockbuster!" hit the No. 1 spot in the UK, 'Sweet' were arguably the hottest ticket in town. Several more hits followed - "Hellraiser", "Ballroom Blitz", "Teenage Rampage", "The Six Teens" and "Turn It Down" - as well as two acclaimed albums, "Sweet Fanny Adams" and "Desolation Boulevard".

In 1974, 'The Who' invited 'Sweet' to play on the legendary Charlton Athletic gig but sadly it was not to be after Brian Connolly was involved in a nasty attack outside a night club and sustained injuries to his throat. In 1975, the USA had discovered 'Sweet' and the band embarked on their toughest touring schedules to date, but with it brought success in the form of albums and singles. "Fox On The Run" hit the Top 3 in the [Cashbox chart in the] USA and is still the biggest selling single worldwide, hotly followed by the musicians' favourite "Action"; 'Sweet' were at the very top. The albums "Give Us A Wink" and "Off The Record", and the subsequent singles "Lies In Your Eyes", "Lost Angels", "Fever Of Love" and "Stairway To The Stars", had less impact but the hectic touring continued and the writing was on the wall - 'Sweet' needed a fresh start.

Enter "Love Is Like Oxygen" from the album "Level Headed". This immediately propelled the band back to the top, a worldwide hit single and album, just what was needed. In 1978, "Love Is Like Oxygen" (written by Andy Scott and Trevor Griffin) won an "Ivor Novello" nomination and an "Ascap Award" in the USA; the future was looking good. With good news there is often bad, and Brian was soon to leave 'Sweet'. His well documented alcoholism damaged his health during the gruelling tour schedules of the USA, and things were never the same after his departure (Brian sadly died on 9th February 1997). "Cut Above The Rest" and "Waters Edge", though highly rated by reviewers, did not reach the same criteria with sales. The band finally ran out of road by 1981/82 with the posthumous release of "Identity Crisis".

[ More, including their subsequent reformations and alternate line-up versions, at: http://www.thesweet.com/biography/evolution/ ]


The UK 1975 performance for the song was a two-week stay at No. 2 during a total of 8 weeks in the Top 40 (being kept off the top spot in both weeks by the 'Bay City Rollers' with "Bye Bye Baby"). In the US, its Top 3 mention above was gleaned from the Cashbox singles chart - it actually made it to No. 5 the year after in the popular alternative, the Billboard Hot 100 listings.
1975 - RCA Victor - United Kingdom - From the album "Desolation Boulevard".
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