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Knock Three Times
by Tony Orlando and Dawn


Perhaps the most enjoyable article examining this song and its improbabilities comes from the established "Stereogum" website (January 22nd 2019):


A guy develops an infatuation with the girl who lives in the apartment downstairs. He doesn't know her. Maybe he's never even talked to her. But he decides that he has to do something about it. So he leaves her a note, dangling it on a string outside her window. He tells her to knock on the ceiling three times if she wants to meet him in the hallway. If she doesn't, he says, she should knock twice on the pipe. That's his big idea.

You probably have questions. I know I do. A goofy pop song is not supposed to leave you considering the logistical implications of a guy's half-baked plan to get laid. What, for instance, does he do if she doesn't answer at all? Is he going to send more notes? What happens if he's not home when she knocks on either the ceiling or the pipe? What happens if she knocks three times on the pipe, or twice on the ceiling? What if she knocks four times? And, more importantly, why doesn't he just talk to her, like a sane person? If he really must send her a note, why doesn't he slide it under her door? Why doesn't he ask her to write a note back? This guy really hasn't thought his plan out very well.

[ There's even more to read at: http://www.stereogum.com/2029226/the-number-ones-tony-orlando-dawns-knock-three-times/franchises/the-number-ones/ ]


To be honest, who cared very much about logistical probabilities in that day and age? The Seventies were insane in many other ways too (albeit this was just the start of the decade though), and so the behaviour described by the lyricist would not have induced that much head-scratching in the year 1970.

Not only a No. 1 smash record in the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles charts, but it also hit the top in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. A true "hit" indeed.
1970 - Bell Records - United States
Posted: 23rd March 2019
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