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Wish (LIVE) More about Jim Rose Circus
by Nine Inch Nails (NIN)
Dearest Friends and Fiends,

Put feet up and enjoy the MANY Bonus Biz. with special care to the Jim Rose Circus:)

I have a HUGE place in my heart for the '90's and some hard core....Saw NIN live quite few times (that 1990 Visage Show?) for this show, in Orlando on January 27, 1995 OR was it on November 12, 1995...Gosh, the track your shows from the '90's websites do give alternative dates. We, all music freaks, of course went...exact date? Unsure. ...It's currently called, we HATE, the Amway Arena...back then it was simply the Orlando Arena. Why Do I HATE AMWAY? Google that biz...

Couldn't find my SHOW poster, maybe will if hit up some pals off of GJB, but best I could do for this tour/Cover Pic:)

WE must discuss the Jim Rose Circus, as came to town/Orlando a few times, with NIN and local FLA bands like Marilyn Manson, did open and seems appropriate to discuss, from CRAZY LAND, USA.

The Circus: Jim Rose with a freak show, but was/is very elegant, and I am HOPING some of my across pond peeps did get to see, as he did travel to your large island and to Europe...TO GET PRESS:) Did he fool ya?

Public View/Jim Rose Doc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht81WE0KHrs BE sure to watch Jim Rose Marketing Vid below to see how he gets publicity?

SO much Love to a brother/music promoter/club owner NOT on GJB, for bringing these bands/Side show acts to little city of Orlando:) His name is Jim Faherty and together with FAV Ginger Shayni...made history/considered legendary: https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/10/26/legendary-orlando-promoter-jim-faherty-to-bring-live-music-to-whiskey-lous-lounge

REAL DEAL: Never got to SEE Jim Rose Circus? Jim F brought to town:) I've gotcha covered/NOT for Kids/BEWARE and read the opening statement....No Animals hurt/back in FULL ON PETA Days:) Do NOT Try this at HOME?

Biggest Bonus? The Jim Rose, HERO, DIY marketing video for indignant and independent artists: it's long, but it is SO Guerrilla Marketing. ENJOY! https://youtu.be/F9PZgMchV2E Circus teaches Balls to the Wall. Gotta give his website some love:) http://www.jimrosecircus.com SO SURE USA Prez watched and is using...It's a CIRCUS in USA.

MM interview from 1994/Head Banger's Ball:) I was NOT into THAT scene, but of course, went to see them: https://youtu.be/4k34NjCk0qY

Super Bonus, if you read this far in notes? Trent inducting the CURE to R and R Hall of Fame...how I got to NIN: The Cure will be my next post once LOVE received for Jim Rose? https://youtu.be/ptZhqvlbdp8

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It all comes together, my pals, from NIN to MM to Jim Rose via Jim Faherty and the CURE. x.
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1995 - Live - United States - Actually, this will be a story about Jim Rose Circus...Click Bait?
Posted: 14th July 2019
Lesa Kramer
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