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What Ever Happened To My Rock And Roll (Punk Song) 9/11 Story
by Black Rebel Motercycle Club
Dearest Friends and Fiends,
UPDATE 9/12/19: Leaving this up as FUN #punk song:)

What the heck was I listening to in 2001? It was pretty rough and tumble/ZIP!...mostly, going to see pals...as it was CRAP in #2001 in FLA. Limp Bis? I think Not!

Hear/Here my 9/11/2001 story: Called pal that was an editor for Major Daily: WAKE UP! Watch CNN. We had both just gotten back/long drive, then long flight from Northern Nevada to FLA from Burning Man, ....and sleeping in? Yes! Sorry, sadly, NO:(

I went to work at http://www.crealde.org and sent EVERYONE home, on site, immediately, by 9:30 am (ish!).
Printed out CLOSED until further notice biz, posted on all doors.
Waited for Swiss Boss that couldn't understand, when showed up, why I was crying...explained I had saved his ass; let's double check that the Galleries, (3) are locked up before we go home to watch CNN? Why, Lesa?...Why, because, peeps could come and steal, you FOOL! OK, he said.
I said, I know you're not born and raised in USA, but FAKE IT?...you'll see.
Went home, watched news, took a crappy nap...then gathered pals to prevent this little store front owned by peeps from Lebanon or Syria, don't know...our 'hood showed up and provided 25/7 protection...We found them, in their store, terrified! I'll never forget THAT.
That is what I remember about 9/11/2001.

How do I describe, other than pals playing how disgusting music.other things were, prior?
UPDATE 9/12/19: Post to Pal in #orlando on FB asking for plz, help from Pal Will? He said: Not asking for anyone to be a groupie. Maybe just buy records and stuff at shows! Oh and maybe come to see a band or 2?
My answer today:
"Never a groupie, but certainly gave a ton love... Hey you, strangers! You just played at Will's Pub/ other local venues and are living out of your van on snack food? Come over to my house.. we've got a pool and you'll get a real bed and a shower...and breakfast and I will make ya travel lunch and send you on the road to Miami:) We're not in a cult.. just groovy Orlando peeps that care." AND THAT is how ya keep, pass it on, cool bands coming to YOUR TOWN, then you can BRAG about them, years LATER...Like I love to do.

Meanwhile, back at ranch (2001), we had been prepping, for 6 months for first Burning Man! Had to get outta town:)
Sadly, pals Gregg (Hale) and Adrian, had to bow out at last minute, once found out ZIP connects, not even a sat phone in 2001...my, how have things have changed. Yes, I did just do a "Sorry for your toe", name drop, Blair Witch Project, pal. Google him: Gregg Hale

First writer moves into Kerouac House for a three-month residency

Florida recount causes Supreme Court to hand presidency to George W. Bush

Yab Yum Coffee House, the Globe, Harold and Maude's and the Kit Kat Club sold to new owner of Wall Street Plaza (Umm, MORE of my Pals/Consoliation...Currently living, 2019, happy, in Central America!)

Mystery Fun House on I-Drive closes

Sapphire Supper Club becomes the Social. That was SO SAD/Still...Great Shows!

Lou Pearlman becomes majority owner of Church Street Station, Gag! He was the creepy man behind all the Boy Bands.

If you search for 2001, you won't find ANYTHING worthy, IMHO.
Hence 6 months of prep for first time visit, took it seriously. Some of us flew in/some drove across country/someone stole our shit once there.... to Burning Man 2001. Yes, I know! Jumped Shark, but go back on 9/09/01?. What a great dusty loving thing to come home to...for TWO DAYS.

See what I lived at BM 2001/Saved My Ass: https://youtu.be/lq8669khXno
ART! Rare/Cult Like, but RENO, NV and pretty TRUE Doc from 2015: https://youtu.be/jU_BIPvkEUY Burners have SAVED that City:) Jesus, the Reno airport has special gates for international peeps!

Recently got into a kitty cat fight with a long time, from 80's, gal pal about being an Irish destroy/story teller about my experiences. Like so many, it's a THING to tell a GRAND story or tell the Truth. I do love a story, but if I say it, and I believe it, and have back up, it's true...and I DO try to post it. x.
I'm a RR Rebel. Are YOU? 2001 SUCKED, except for my VIRGIN Burning Man...Came home on 9/9/2001
Posted: 11th September 2019
Lesa Kramer
2019 Profile Update:I AM still LAZY! Ziggy the Pooch is my Main Man (RIP 6/21/18). Boutique Destination for YOU! Into Digging Deep for LIVE #lesalikesitlive (if possible), Page a Pal: Find someone that will like a tune and pg them? Umm, terrible at hit backs, but try best (pg me in current post for best results). I'm a go-to for GJB hacks. FYI: Unlike, like again to keep in top 4 likes; add a comment to song name; it won't interfere w/who did first, etc. You are WELCOME:).. .Yup, I'm a child of Hippies - so loads of taste/stories. I'm a PROUD transplant from TIMJ, then LL/that other thing before the group JUMP to GJB:). I'll go to songs I like (pg in current will get a hit back as I gave up a few years ago on checking emails). Always looking for something new for me and you/sharing something from past. This is where I'm supposed to list all my music tastes (See that GJB kinda does IT?/Not really accurate...). WELL, if ya don't know me by now, check out my archives-There is SOMETHING there for you:) I love my GJB Friends and Fiends - the happy chatter and the puns, and I love pages and bonus tracks. I am so grateful for the deep knowledge when we dig deep:). Enjoy and Kisses! ...and a small x.
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