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Peter Gunn
by Henry Mancini
Dearest GJB Friends and Fiends

I'm so hooked on #SecretAgentWeek that I'm double posting - just got you warmed up with Henry Mancini and ORIG animated version of first Pink Panther film with no ads (no small task and prev post...plus a live bonus track of HM)...So - one more GREAT HM and a Super Spy Classic for you:)

- Gave ton's of time, but NO ONE posted Peter Gunn?

Peter Gunn was an American private eye television series which aired on the NBC and later ABC television networks from 1958 to 1961.

Had to do it:)

Enjoy and Kisses and keep on spyn':)

#Pittsburg for HM. Dedicated to @vomitsunami 'cuz it's where the man's from and he told me so:)

Paging @Vickipedia Dedicated to you as I thought for sure this had made it - once again, another SUPER SPY CLASSIC:)
Ton's of time to post THIS - but I had to do it - SUPER SPY ME:) #SecretAgentWeek
Posted: 7th September 2016
Lesa Kramer
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