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Castles In The Air (Lesa All Time Jam, as I was asked...)
by Hoodoo Gurus
Dearest GJB Friends and Fiends,

First and most importantly, Thank You for checking in as I stroll down memory lane for my FOREVER JAM. I did mark this date as a commitment for

Promised some/ delivered some April 7th? Eternal Jam? Please enjoy this song, and if care to, check in on my personal history (Get READY! It’s LONG!)…or scroll to bottom for the pertinent facts and lyrics for the WONDERFUL, #morethanpop , Soul Wrenching and Amazing, HG's?

Kisses and Enjoy!

OH? Enjoy Cover Pic of Secret Beach, Muir Beach, Sunset (as purr-fect for this tune).
For a MAP Pal or any others? FOR Secret Beach: That was the name as only for locals and no access unless you lived down that tiny one way road, called Sunset Way that led to COVE Rd. For a certain Pal, here are the GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.860535 | Longitude: -122.582299

I wrote over 600 words, all about the JOY of TIMJ/GJB,then, in between time (Cure Reference?), then the REAL THING of the JUMP to GJB...

I have decided not to post ALL the crazy/hazy days/daze words...hit me UP if truly need?
BUT, here are some of my personal feelings:

I CAN’T remember how I stumble bumbled on TIMJ, but what a blessing! I loved the sharing of music and I met pals and then, we switched to LL (and that other music thing) due to the closing down of TIMJ. THEN, so many, all made that JUMP to GJB (THAT story has been told a few times by me/others...GREAT EVENT of international organization for Music Lovers and, THX GOD, as we needed literally and figuratively, a Stable Platform for our expression of Music and Pal-ship. GJB. After much scrutiny and on line discussions, THIS, GJB, WAS THE PLACE to LAND!

I will say that the time spent with this glorious jam, is FAN-F-ing (not FUNK) Tastick:)

For those that joined in on my FIRST GJB post (song is gone/silly me/wrong name/comments still here/hear From Oct, 15, 2015)...Thank You! x.

Other Biz Here/HEAR:
Wiki Speaks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoodoo_Gurus

Ton's of Pop Fav's from this Band:Hoodoo Gurus had a string of acclaimed pop-rock singles including "Leilani" (1982), "Tojo" (1983), "My Girl" (1983), "I Want You Back" (1984), "Bittersweet", "Like Wow - Wipeout!", and "What's My Scene?".

Once I built a castle in the air,
A home for you and I-
In a blue, blue sky.
We'd leave behind the weight of worldly care,
I thought we could fly
We only had to try.
Ah, I had to learn fast, (For your own good)
I had to learn fast
And when I knew at last (You understood)
I knew at last
Hell and heaven can be one and the same,
If you don't know how
You should know by now,
Every pleasure always holds an equal amount of pain
But it all works out,
I have no doubt.
Ah, we had to learn fast, (For our own good)
We had to barn fast.
And when we knew at last (When we understood)
We knew at last
Every kite has got to have a string for it to fly
Up to who knows where ?
Castles in the air.
So there are strings attached to you and I
Though they hold us tight
We can take flight.
Songwriters: Dave Faulkner

Hash Biz for Easy Copy:
#AprilMusicChallenge for the 7 in 2019
#youtubehole (Are You Kidding...this Hole goes FAB, forever!)
#sundaysoother RELAX/ENJOY? x.
#NOPE As in, I do not want to talk about how I had Tix in Boston and the cxl'ed show. SOB
Plz Enjoy?...it's MY for ever JAM...and a ton of love for the experience of Caring is Sharing
Posted: 8th April 2019
Lesa Kramer
2019 Profile Update:I AM still LAZY! Ziggy the Pooch is my Main Man (RIP 6/21/18). Boutique Destination for YOU! Into Digging Deep for LIVE #lesalikesitlive (if possible), Page a Pal: Find someone that will like a tune and pg them? Umm, terrible at hit backs, but try best (pg me in current post for best results). I'm a go-to for GJB hacks. FYI: Unlike, like again to keep in top 4 likes; add a comment to song name; it won't interfere w/who did first, etc. You are WELCOME:).. .Yup, I'm a child of Hippies - so loads of taste/stories. I'm a PROUD transplant from TIMJ, then LL/that other thing before the group JUMP to GJB:). I'll go to songs I like (pg in current will get a hit back as I gave up a few years ago on checking emails). Always looking for something new for me and you/sharing something from past. This is where I'm supposed to list all my music tastes (See that GJB kinda does IT?/Not really accurate...). WELL, if ya don't know me by now, check out my archives-There is SOMETHING there for you:) I love my GJB Friends and Fiends - the happy chatter and the puns, and I love pages and bonus tracks. I am so grateful for the deep knowledge when we dig deep:). Enjoy and Kisses! ...and a small x.
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