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HOMEage to Burning Man 2011. Enjoy along with us!!
by KJ and Stefan Spin doing Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
Dearest, GJB Friend and Fiends,

Burning Man LOVE here. Yes, that covered in dust blondie with black and purple dot socks is me about 6 days (from 8 total) in with my NYC pals:). If HIGH maintenance chick/dude, don't bother...not for you:)

I'm SURE by now you've heard of Burning Man (many lies told to keep you from coming, FYI...). If a Burner, you'll be heading to Black Rock City, or already there, or wishing, as it's painful to miss, that you could be there....like NOW! Peeps from all over world make an Art City for a week, then leave NO TRACE.

We always came into Reno on Sat. and left at 3:00 am for early morning Sunday (opens at midnight). So, I'd be HOME by now, with the basic camp built. First year, RV, 2001. After that, NOPE. Building best off the grid and planning for it better much fun.

Many a real doc and tons of fan docs, but as a long time Burner, this one works for me.

YES:) This is BM:) Every kind of person, size, shape, color, age there. No mooch kids need to apply, FYI. NOT a musical Festival or a Rave. It's CITY up for one week, Utopia.

Every year has many songs/vids to offer, but as a long time Burner, I think this one SUMS it up.

When YOU finally make it to the entry gate (it's a LONG trip!): You are WELCOMED: Welcome Home! Tears and Hugs happen .

My first trip was 2001; I've been almost every year from 2005 until 2013...my last time.

Only a few weeks after Mr. B passed, but SO important to bring his ashes to the Temple for the Sunday Night burn. My friend Amelia and I made the trek that Mr. B and I had planned for for 6 months in our FAB off the Grid Van (set up w/solar panels and deep cell batteries).

.SADLY, I broke my ankle on first day, after grueling camp set up when at Temple to try to find spot for Mr. B as "Temple Guardian" was distracted, and I tripped over huge granite rock meant to be stepped over...and instantly I knew I was in trouble. The great news? I had PALS and BM has a very high end medical facility...Boom! A golf cart arrived and I'm rushed to Mash like Triage no charge. X-ray and all I needed EXCEPT crutches (LOL..that roller skating rink really did some damage). GREAT News: Distrikt Dr's (you'll see in vid) were my next door neighbors: ALL DR's so a continuous input of pain killers (NOT supplied by BM, FYI) and I spent 4 days on my cot, leg elevated, with a bullhorn (always bring a bullhorn) and when I needed ANYTHING, I'd just use said bullhorn and strangers would come.

In addition, a golf cart picked me up so I could deliver Mr. B's ashes to the Temple. That is how much people care. I couldn't walk in, but I was there to see my friend take his ashes, his motorcycle boots, a collage of pictures, and other tokens to represent him, candles burning for those remaining days; a small shrine in the HUGE Temple. The Temple is there for people that have passed.

When it was time to leave...OBVIOUS with broken ankle, couldn't break down camp OR get home in Van. Never worried. My Ranger pals (they are the best of the best BM volunteers) showed up and broke down the camp. I could NOT ride in van. So thx to my many BM pals, word went out. Strangers, soon to be family, came w/an RV and took me HOME: Door to Door from Northern Nevada to my house in Marin-over 8 hours). That's Burningman. A lot like GJB, but in real life.

For folks that have read about, seen docs/vids...etc. NOTHING is true unless you GO. I go for the ART and the fun of living off the grid, and the amazing people there. Others go for other reasons.

Burning Man offers EVERYONE, whatever you are into...a blow your mind, best thing on the planet, time of your life. I drank that kool aid in 2001 and am still in.
Yes, 12 hour dust storms! Test yourself and come back feeling GRAND about yourself.

Got an invite today from a RANGER camp for 2018. I'm so IN:) Rangers rule!

Bonus: 2013: All set to go and have best YEAR:) Mr B passed suddenly on Aug. 3, 2013. Gal pal and I made the trek to get his Ashes/Artifacts into Temple, two weeks later.....It's a Big Deal:) (The pyramid in this vid). By same BM'ers that did posted song. They do one every year. This one just a bit tougher for me to see..but TRUE! All about LOVE:) x. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yHPQTyTOCg

Kisses and Enjoy.

More bonus tracks soon.

2011 - DIY - United States - Calling all Burners (Burning Man)...If you've been or are curious?
Posted: 28th August 2017
Lesa Kramer
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